Recollections of a player

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The Century co, 1902 - Actors - 255 pages
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Page 255 - Still o'er these scenes my memory wakes, And fondly broods with miser care ; Time but the impression stronger makes, As streams their channels deeper wear.
Page 199 - I rather think Mr. Mansfield must have suspected something of the sort, for he has been to me asking, in the event of your not playing it, that I give it to him. I have never seen Mr. Mansfield act; he has not had much experience here, and might ruin the production." At Mr. Palmer's earnest solicitation, I promised to try it again. I had by this time worked myself into such a state of nervousness that my wife interfered. " All the theatres in the world," said she, " are not worth what you are suffering.
Page 198 - I left Mr. Palmer, resolved to try again, and do my best. Mr. Mansfield was cast in the play for a small part, and, I discovered, was watching me like a cat during rehearsals. A lot of fashion-plates were sent to my dressing-room, with instructions to select my costume. As I had hitherto been, for some time, associated with vagabonds, villains, etc., I think these fashion-plates had a tendency to unnerve me more than anything else. So I again went to Mr. Palmer and told him I could not possibly play...
Page 27 - ... end of the house. I could not make out who it was, or whether it was man or woman. Presently that figure or another one passed me going the other way. I wondered what it all meant, but wondering did no good; and while I was still wondering, I fell asleep. " I do not know how long I slept, but at last I came suddenly broad awake and heard my father say in a terrible voice, ' By the great Snow God, there's a fish-hook gone!
Page 197 - A Parisian Romance' was a one-part piece, and that part the Baron, and all the principals had their eye on him. After some delay and much expectancy the rôle was given to me. I was playing a strong part in 'The Rantzaus,' and my friends in the company congratulated me upon the opportunity thus presented of following it up with so powerful a successor. Miss Minnie Conway, who was a member of the company and had seen the play in Paris, said that she...
Page 197 - Wallack kind of part," she said. This information rather disconcerted me, but I rehearsed the part for about a week, and then, being convinced that it did not suit me, I went to Mr. Palmer and told him I felt very doubtful as to whether I could do him or myself justice in it. He would...
Page 240 - Temple [tabernacle], excursions to the lake,. social receptions, etc. When one contemplates what has been accomplished in this city in creating as it were a garden out of a desert, founding and building so beautiful a metropolis, bespeaking so much toil, thrift, and indomitable perseverance, it must call for sincere admiration and command great respect. The week ended, I said good-bye to my Salt Lake friends with much regret and returned to New York.
Page 147 - Davenport's performance of Lanciotto was unimaginative, mechanical, and melodramatic, so that its artifice destroyed in it the effect of nature." (WINTER. Wallet, V. I, p. 316.) 73:16 SIR GILES OVERREACH, in A New Way to Pay Old Debts, by Philip Massinger, at Wallack's (New York), 1867. ". . . EL Davenport was the Sir Giles Overreach — a masterly performance. When a youngster in Aberdeen I had played Marall with Gustavus V. Brooke, and his performance made a great impression on me; but Mr. Davenport's...
Page 196 - Recollections of a Player": The peculiar attributes of the part caused Mr. Palmer some doubt, for a time, as to a correct and judicious cast for it. Mr. Mansfield had been engaged, but as he was comparatively untried in legitimate work, his position in the theatre was thought to be a minor one. After the reading of the play the company were unanimous in their opinion that "A Parisian Romance" was a one-part piece, and that part the Baron, and all the principals had their eye on him.
Page 197 - was a one-part piece, and that part the Baron ; and all the principals had their eye on him. After some delay and much expectancy, the rôle was given to me. I was playing a strong part in

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