American Civil Engineers' Pocket Book

Front Cover
Mansfield Merriman
J. Wiley & sons, 1912 - Civil engineering - 1473 pages

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Page 404 - This term shall be applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination of an argillaceous limestone at a temperature only sufficient to drive off the carbonic acid gas.
Page 409 - ... and, in smoothing off, the trowel should be drawn over the mold in such a manner as to exert a moderate pressure on the excess material. The mold should be turned over and the operation repeated.
Page 367 - Pitch Streak. — A pitch streak is a well-defined accumulation of pitch at one point in the piece When not sufficient to develop a well-defined streak, or where the fiber between grains, that is, the coarse-grained fiber, usually termed "Spring wood," is not saturated with pitch, it shall not be considered a defect.
Page 411 - This term is applied to the finely pulverized product resulting from the calcination to incipient fusion of an intimate mixture of properly proportioned argillaceous and calcareous materials, and to which no addition greater than 3 per cent has been made subsequent to calcination.
Page 408 - The setting is said to have commenced when the needle ceases to pass a point 5 mm. (0.20 in.) above the upper surface of the glass plate, and is said to have terminated the moment the needle does not sink visibly into the mass.
Page 408 - ... and quickly formed into a ball with the hands, completing the operation by tossing it six times from one hand to the other, maintained 6 ins. apart; the ball is then pressed into the rubber ring, through the larger opening, smoothed off, and placed (on its large end) on a glass plate and the smaller end smoothed off with a trowel...
Page 159 - J, or even less, may be used. C should be increased for steep side slopes, especially if the upper part of the valley has a much greater fall than the channel at the culvert...
Page 408 - ... (10.58 oz.). The rod, which can be held in any desired position by a screw (F) carries an indicator, which moves over a scale (graduated to centimeters) attached to the frame (K). The paste is held by a conical, hard-rubber ring (I), 7 cm.
Page 74 - The public lands shall be divided by north and south lines run according to the true meridian, and by others crossing them at right angles, so as to form townships of six miles square...
Page 408 - The operation is continued until not more than onetenth of 1 per cent, passes through after one minute of continuous sieving. The residue is weighed, then placed on the No. 100 sieve and the operation repeated. The work may be expedited by placing in the sieve a small quantity of large shot. The results should be reported to the nearest tenth of 1 per cent.

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