Gold-mining and Assaying: A Scientific Guide for Australian Emigrants

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J.J. Griffin and Company, 1852 - Gold - 159 pages
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Page 183 - A Manual of Botany : being an Introduction to the Study of the Structure, Physiology, and Classification of Plants.
Page 133 - Licenses to Dig and Search for Gold. With reference to the Proclamation issued on the 22nd May instant, declaring the rights of the Crown in respect to Gold found in its natural place of deposit within the territory of New South Wales, His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, has been pleased to establish the following Provisional Regulations, under which Licenses may be obtained, to search for, and remove the same: 1.
Page 191 - First American edition, with a Glossary and other Additions and Improvements; from the second English edition. Translated from the sixth German edition, by HENRY MEDLOCK, FCS, &c.
Page 181 - HISTORY OF THE JEWS, from the Time of Alexander the Great to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. AM 3595, BC 409, to AD 70.
Page 134 - Lands which have not yet been alienated by the Crown shall dig for and disturb the soil in search of such Gold Metal or Ore, without having been duly authorized in that behalf by Her Majesty's Colonial Government, will be prosecuted, both criminally and civilly, as the Law allows : And I further...
Page 8 - The extent of the diluvial deposits is commensurate, or nearly so, with that of the gold-bearing region, in that part of the country which I have examined. They are found in a belt of land from thirty to sixty miles broad, and running parallel with the axis of the range ; and, from facts that I have ascertained from others, I have no doubt but that they exist throughout all the gold-bearing region, both north and south. These diluvial deposits are met with as we advance towards the lower hills of...
Page 182 - INTRODUCTION TO HISTORY; Two Dissertations— FIRST: On the Uses of History as a Study. SECOND: On the Separation of the Early Facts of History from Fable. By Sir JOHN STODDART, LL.D.
Page 136 - The bearer having paid to me the sum of one pound ten shillings on account of the territorial revenue, I hereby license him to dig, search for, and remove gold on and from any such Crown land within the...
Page 8 - ... micaceous, metamorphic sandstones and limestones, with occasional beds of conglomerate. The stratified rocks have been much displaced ; it is rare to find them with a dip of less than 70, and they are generally very nearly perpendicular. The strike of the beds in that section to which my observations have been confined (between the Stanislaus > and Yuba rivers) is extremely uniform, being from 5 to 10 W. of N. and E. of S. The extent of the diluvial deposits is commensurate, or nearly so,...
Page 168 - SI., a chest of about lj cubic feet, not a cumbrous size for a cabin, may be obtained. It would contain apparatus and substances sufficient for discriminating all well-known ores and minerals, including a blowpipe apparatus with the necessary fluxes and re-agents, as also a selection of the most useful instruments for testing in the wet way, with a collection of tests in the dry state, and stoppered bottles to contain solutions ; also a set of bottles with pure acids. More complete chests may be...

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