History of England, by F.Y. Powell and (T.F. Tout).

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Page 217 - Crown, shall be void and of no avail or force whatever ; but the matters which are to be established for the estate of our lord the King and of his heirs, and for the estate of the realm and of the people, shall be treated, accorded, and established in Parliaments, by our lord the King, and by the assent of the prelates, earls, and barons, and the commonalty of the realm ; according as it hath been heretofore accustomed.
Page 326 - Edward ; and then he held up his hands, and thanked God thereof. And he said he never knew him till that time ; nor wist not what was said to him, nor wist not where he had been, whilst he hath been sick till now ; and he asked who were godfathers, and the queen told him, and he was well apaid (content).
Page 313 - Glory is like a circle in the water, Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, Till by broad spreading it disperse to naught.
Page 83 - However a man tilled, the earth bare no corn ; for the land was all fordone by such deeds : and they said openly that Christ and his saints slept Such and more than we can say, we endured nineteen winters for our sins.
Page 232 - English archers stept forth one pace and let fly their arrows so wholly and so thick that it seemed snow ; when the Genoese felt the arrows piercing through heads, arms, and breasts, many of them cast down their cross-bows and did cut their strings, and returned discomfited. When the French king saw them fly away, he said, ' Slay these rascals, for they shall let and trouble us without reason...
Page 288 - Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, and Earl of Chester, and the king promised that the power of the Estates should not again be given to a small Board.
Page 82 - ... every powerful man made his castles, and held them against him ; and they filled the land full of castles. They cruelly oppressed the wretched men of the land with castle-works. When the castles were made, they filled them with devils and evil men.
Page 326 - And my lord of Winchester (bishop), and my lord of St. John of Jerusalem, were with him the morrow after Twelfth day, and he did speak to them as well as ever he did, and when they came out they wept for joy. And he saith he is in charity with all the world, and so he would all the lords were.
Page 359 - Castile rode upon a sorrelled hobby, which the king gave unto him ; his apparel was all black, a gown of black velvet, a black hood, a black hat, and his horse-harness of black velvet.

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