Ham's revenue and mercantile year-book [afterw.] Ham's year book, ed. by G.D. Ham, Issue 1

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George Davys Ham

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Page 121 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food...
Page 385 - Instead of charging rates higher than are necessary, and afterwards returning the excess in the shape of periodical Bonuses, it gives from the first as large an Assurance as the Premiums will with safety bear, reserving the Whole Surplus for those members (quite a half of the whole) who live long enough to secure the Common Fund from loss.
Page 192 - Coin, silver, of the realm, or any money purporting to be such, not being of the established standard in weight or fineness.
Page 302 - ... efficiency and economy can be effected, such special annual allowance by way of compensation as, on a full consideration of the circumstances of the case, may seem to the said Commissioners to be a reasonable and just compensation for the loss of office...
Page 221 - Ireland, composed of any article liable to duty as a part or ingredient thereof, shall be chargeable with the full duty payable on such article, or if composed of more than one article liable to duty, then with the full duty payable on the article charged with the highest rate of duty.
Page 65 - Square Measure 144 square inches = 1 square foot 9 square feet = 1 square yard...
Page 192 - Kingdom, that name, unless accompanied by the name of the country in which such place is situate, shall be treated for the purposes of this section as if it were the name of a place in the United Kingdom.

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