The History of Duelling: Including, Narratives of the Most Remarkable Personal Encounters that Have Taken Place from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Volume 2

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Page 379 - as relates to any person who shall unlawfully and maliciously shoot at any person, or who shall, by drawing a trigger, or in any other manner, attempt to discharge any kind of loaded arms at any person,
Page 36 - man. They carried the poor Duchess to a lodging in the neighbourhood, where I have been with her two hours, and am just come away. I never saw so melancholy a scene, for indeed all reasons for real grief belong to her; nor is it possible for any one to be a greater loser in all
Page 297 - the constitution of 1688,' might the more effectually, under the cloak of some outward show of zeal for the Protestant religion, carry on his insidious designs for the infringement of our liberties, and the introduction of Popery into every department of the state." This letter was published in the newspapers,
Page 379 - That whosoever shall stab, cut, or wound any person, or shall, by any means whatsoever, cause to any person any bodily injury dangerous to life, with intent in any of the cases aforesaid to commit murder, shall be guilty of felony, and, being
Page 378 - shall be guilty of felony, without benefit of clergy.' This act, however, has the following express proviso:—' Provided always, that in case it shall appear on the trial of any person or persons indicted for the wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully shooting at any of his Majesty's subjects, that if death had ensued therefrom
Page 36 - by the ring, in Hyde-park (where they fought), and died on the grass, before he could reach his house, and was brought home in his coach by eight, while the poor Duchess was asleep. M'Carthy and one Hamilton were the seconds, who fought likewise,
Page 166 - afternoon on Putney Heath. After some ineffectual attempts on the part of the seconds to prevent farther proceedings, the parties took their ground at the distance of twelve paces. A case of pistols was fired at the same moment without effect. A second case was also fired in the same manner. Mr. Pitt
Page 32 - on horseback, only waited on by our surgeons, they being unarmed. " Together we rode (but one before the other some twelve score) about two English miles, and then passion, having so weak an enemy to assail as my direction, easily became victor, and using his power, made me obedient to his commands. I being
Page 380 - with transportation or imprisonment. The fourth section enacts, ' That whosoever unlawfully and maliciously shall shoot at any person, or shall, by drawing a trigger, attempt to discharge any kind of loaded arms at any person, with intent to maim, disfigure, or disable such person, or
Page 84 - cowardly was rightly applied or not. I desire that you may meet me in Hyde Park immediately, with a brace of pistols each, to determine our difference. I shall go to the ring in Hyde Park, with my pistols, so concealed that nobody may see them, and I will wait in expectation of you one hour. As I shall call

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