The Second Little Pet Book: With the Tale of Puss and John

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W.L. Allison, 1884 - 192 pages
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Page 154 - Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep ; If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take ; And this I ask for Jesus
Page 172 - Doc." Dewey. I suppose it was because his father was a physician. He was the first to drill me in squad drill after I entered the old South Barracks. He became proficient in drill and was captain of my company when we went to Burlington and Ticonderoga. He was as full of fun as an egg is full of meat, and he and "Bill E " were the most popular cadets. His room was a popular resort for us when off duty.
Page 171 - And take care of our fa-ther too, And let his woes be light and few ; And may we be to both a joy — A dear good girl, and dear good boy. And when we die, oh ! wilt Thou take Our souls to Heav-en for Thy Son's sake?" They went down the stair with a hop and skip, and ran to give a kiss to Aunt Jane, and then they ran out in-to the sweet fresh air, and had a fine race down the path, with Bepp at their heels, and...
Page 139 - It was I, Aunt Jane, who threw a stone at the red cow, and hit her nose. That made her as mad as fire, you see. But I was mad too, for she gave me a slap in the face with her tail, and it hurt me so, and put me in such a rage, that I threw the stone at her to kill her. I am a bad...
Page 31 - I I yoke on the right side of the pole, which was fast to the cart, and a large fat black ox was put in the yoke on the left side of the pole ; and then one of the men said in a loud voice : "Gee!
Page 93 - BOT. 03 day he would kiss my hand, and tell me how he meant to love and pray for me all his life. He grew, oh! so pale and thin, but all the time with a sweet smile on his face, and a 'Thank you' for the least thing I did for him.
Page 118 - York did that big ship to the poor folks who can not get work to do, and have no bread to eat.
Page 50 - JOHN. wTith a short bark of joy, his tail high up in the air; and then he made it wag so fast from side to side, that John did think he would wag it off. First they went in-to the nice large barn. The hay was piled up high on all sides, and the wide floor was so white and clean, that it was the best place in the world for a good > m ^ s ^ # ** ^ 4* N ^ II ^ ^ *; 7T ^ ? R % ^ THE BAEN.
Page 92 - JOHN. had to pull his leg out with all his might, to get each bone back in its place. Then thin bits of wood were bound to his leg to keep it out stiff, and he lay a long, sad time, so ill, we were in fear lest he might die. " But God took care of the good boy who lay so still, and did all that he was bid. Each *s t* I 8 THE TALE OF THE LAME BOT.
Page 86 - Let not my will, but Thine be done ; And if my hour has come, I pray Thy Son in His kind arms "Will take me to my home.' "The lamb's faint bleat was heard no more. The stars grew dim. Poor Sam said to himself that death had come. He shut his eyes ; he had grown faint ; and now his head fell on his breast, and he was in a ^ 7 * swoon, which to him was like death.

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