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The Martian Tales Trilogy was a series I was introduced to simply by seeing it on the shelf while looking for reading for an assignment. "Well, the Martian Tales sounds cool." Little did I know I was to embark on one of the greatest literary adventures of my life.
The Tales begin with John Carter battling native Americans and such. I thought of this as somewhat boring, and I wondered when Martians were going to come down and attack. They never did, but he literally passed out and woke up on Mars.
I think my favorite aspect of the first three is the fact that, because Mars (called "Barsoom" by the Martians/"Barsoomians") is lighter than the Earth, the Barsoomians' muscles are weaker in comparison to those of a human, meaning that John Carter, while an average human, has the equivalent of super-human strength. He can leap hundreds of feet in the air and becomes known as the Warlord of Barsoom, due to his skills in combat, in "A Princess of Mars."
The following books, "Gods of Mars" and "Warlord of Mars", are essentially works of their own, and, while very good, do not match up to the first one. They do not seem to have the epic feel. I DO prefer, however, "Gods" to "Warlords" because it answers some mythological questions left unanswered in "Princess", such as the history of the river Iss.
Overall, these are great reads, and should be read by anyone who enjoys science fiction or classic literature.

Review: The Martian Tales Trilogy (Barsoom #1-3)

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I love this book! It's hard to believe that it was written in the 1800's. I love the imagination of a Martian tail through the eyes of a man from that time period. John carter is an excellent ... Read full review

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