Catalogue of Romances in the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 1

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Page 512 - Tale. In all the MSS it is called the Cooke's Tale, and therefore I call it so in like manner: But had I found it without an Inscription, and had been left to my Fancy to have bestow'd it on which of the Pilgrims I had pleas'd , I should certainly have adjudg'd it to the Squire's Yeoman; who tho as minutely describ'd by Chaucer, and characteriz'd in the third Place, yet I find no Tale of his in any of the MSS. And because I think there is not any one that would fit him so well as this, I have ventur'd...
Page 825 - Cloth of gold do not despise, Though thou be matched with cloth of frize ; Cloth of frize, be not too bold, Though thou be matched with cloth of gold.
Page 76 - Whyche me comaunded the drery, pitus fate Of hem of Troye, in Englysche to translate, The sege also and the destruccioun, Lyche as the Latyn maketh mencioun, For to compyle and, after Guydo make, So as I coude, and write it for his sake.
Page 702 - Kar mult l'ayment, si l'unt mult cher Cunt, barun e chivaler, E si en ayment mult l'escrit, E lire le funt, si unt delit, E si les funt sovent retreire. Les lays soleient as dames pleire, De joye les oyent e de gré, Qu'il sunt sulum lur volenté.
Page 517 - If I shulde deye bi this day • me liste noujte to loke; 400 I can noujte perfitly my pater-noster • as the prest it syngeth, But I can rymes of Robyn Hood • and Randolf erle of Chestre, Ac neither of owre lorde ne of owre lady • the leste that euere was made.
Page 518 - [Being] dystempered with could and age, he had great payne in his lymmes, his bloud being corrupted, therfore, to be eased of his payne by letting bloud, he repayred to the priores of Kyrkesly, which some say was his aunt, a woman very skylful in physique...
Page 219 - Caduallonis actus omnium continue et ex ordine perpulcris orationibus proponebat. Rogatu itaque illius ductus, tametsi infra alienos ortulos falerata uerba non collegerim, agresti tamen stilo propriisque calamis contentus codicem illum in Latinum sermonem transferre curaui.
Page 609 - Lors prent à enviellir, bien .ccc. ans avoit; Et ainsi, beaulx seigneurs, que le tison ardoit, Ainsi le corps Oger illeuc se declinoit. Et ainsi que le ber en ce peril estoit Y vint Morgue la fée qui le Dannois amoit, Et osta le tison qui ens ou feu estoit ; Dedens ung riche char, qui tout de feu sembloit, Fist eslever Oger et si le ravissoit ; Et ne seust qu'il devint l'abbé qui là estoit. Ensement fut ravi en faerie tout droit. Qui va...
Page 144 - Alixandre à ses piez , Et quant il l'a oï, si fu grains et iriez, Et dist qu'il iert dolenz s'encore n'est vengiez. D'un...
Page 266 - Engleis e par gramaire, E en Romanz e en Latin, Ainz k'en pust traire a la fin. Si sa dame ne li aidast, Ja a nul jor ne 1'achevast. Ele enveiad a Helmeslac Pur le livere Walter Espac. Robert li quens de Gloucestre Fist...

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