The Mirrour of Vertue in Worldly Greatness; Or, The Life of Sir Thomas More, Knight

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Alexander Moring, The De la More Press, 1903 - Christian saints - 192 pages

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Page 78 - that these blessed fathers be now as cheerfully going to their deaths as bridegrooms to their marriage ? Wherefore thereby mayest thou see, mine own good daughter, what a great difference there is between such as have in effect spent all their days in a straight, hard, penitential and painful life, religiously, and
Page 25 - the first is, that whereas the most part of Christian princes be at mortal war, they were all at universal peace. The second, that where the church of Christ is at this present sore afflicted with many errors and heresies, it were well settled in perfect uniformity of
Page 70 - non aufertur." After this, as the Duke of Norfolk and Sir Thomas More chanced to fall in familiar talk together, the Duke said unto him : " By the mass, Master More, it is perilous striving with princes, therefore I would wish you somewhat to incline to the king's pleasure. For by God's body, Master More, Indignatio
Page 8 - to serve the king's turn will not stick to agree to his own father's death." So Sir Thomas More returned to the bishop no more, and had not the king soon after died, he was determined to have gone over sea, thinking that being in the king's indignation he could
Page 86 - were esteemed very light of your tongue, a great dicer, and of no commendable fame. And so in your house at the Temple, where hath been your chief bringing up, were you likewise accounted. Can it therefore seem likely unto your honourable lordships that I would in so weighty a cause so unadvisedly overshoot myself as to trust
Page 17 - may like your noble majesty of your inestimable goodness to take all in good part, interpreting every man's words, how uncunningly soever they be couched, to proceed yet of good zeal towards the profit of your realm and honour of your royal person, the prosperous estate and
Page 75 - alas ! it pitieth me to remember into what misery, poor soul, she shall shortly come." After this, Master Lieutenant, coming into his chamber to visit him, rehearsed the benefits and friendship that he had many ways received at his hands, and how much bounden he was therefore friendly to entertain him, and
Page 165 - I was never sorry for it, but rather sorry when I saw the pang past. And therefore my poor body is at the King's pleasure. Would God my death might do him good. After this Master Secretary said : Well, ye find no fault in that statute : find you any in any of the other statutes after
Page 68 - Never remembered it ! " said I, " a case that toucheth yourself so near, and us all for your sake ! I am sorry to hear it, for I verily trusted, when I saw you so merry, that all had been well." Then said he : " Wilt thou know, son Roper, why I was so merry
Page 52 - and of good years do live full well. Which, if we find not ourselves the first year able to maintain, then we will the next year go one step down to New Inn fare, wherewith many an honest man is well contented. If that exceed our ability too, then

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