Before Port Arthur in a Destroyer: The Personal Diary of a Japanese Naval Officer

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J. Murray, 1907 - Japan - 243 pages
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Page 6 - The whole will be under the orders of Admiral Togo, a fact in which we all ought to rejoice. . . Notwithstanding that, I am very glad to have command of a destroyer, and to be at a certain distance from him. He is an unpleasant neighbour for his inferiors.
Page 2 - They do not manoeuvre, they do not carry out any gunnery exercises, and in a corner of the arsenal there are goodness knows how many torpedoes, quite neglected. For months they have not been inspected by either officers or engineers.
Page 3 - Perhaps he is right, and it would be better to spend our time drilling our men, and instilling obedience into them, so that the vessels confided to our care may always be in the highest state of efficiency.
Page 15 - ... fearlessly can hope for success. Your duty, gentlemen, is very simple, and I only make one request, a request which on several previous occasions when I have been in command, has produced excellent results in cases much more complicated than this: Show yourselves worthy of the confidence which I place in you, and for which I am responsible to His Majesty the Mikado.
Page 4 - He could not keep still; kept jumping from one place to another, twisting his legs, and laughing, without coming to the point. More explanations were unnecessary ; we knew all.
Page 171 - The Russian squadron has been vanquished, just as China was at the battle of the Yalu. Japan is absolute mistress of the sea...
Page 186 - Minutes and hours went by, yet the intensity of the fire never flagged ; most of the time more than thirty heavy projectiles a minute were falling into the besieged city.
Page 2 - I should like to know whether we are manoeuvring for its own sake, or whether the Mikado has anything serious in view.
Page 108 - I came to at once, and swam with all my might as far as possible away from the ship so as not to be sucked down by the backwash, for every one knows the danger of this.
Page 59 - It is enough to drive one crazy ! I feel like turning into a Christian from sheer rage ! What is the good of getting angry ? I had better go to sleep.

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