Immunity, Cancer, and Chemotherapy: Basic Relationship on the Cellular Level

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Enrico Mihich
Elsevier, Jan 22, 2016 - Health & Fitness - 414 pages
Immunity, Cancer, and Chemotherapy focuses on the interference of drugs on antibody response and transplantation immunity.
The selection first offers information on the effects of immunosuppressive drugs on cellular changes after antigenic stimulation and specialized cell function in the lymphoid and reticuloendothelial cell series. Topics include effects of immunosuppressive drugs on the sensitization process; cellular changes in lymphoid tissue following sensitization; and demonstration of differences in antigen handling among cells of the reticuloendothelial system. The text also takes a look at allogeneic inhibition and its possible relation to cell-bound immunity in vitro and the effects of immunosuppressive drugs at various stages of differentiation of immunologically competent cells.
The publication examines a study of antibody-containing cells in the course of immunization and cellular differentiation during immune responses studied with electron microscope and radioautography. The text also elaborates on ambiguity in the translation of genetic code into proteins, induced by aminoglycoside antibiotics and immunosuppressive agents and cellular kinetics of immune response.
The selection is a dependable source of information for readers interested in effects of drugs on antibody response and transplantation immunity.

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Chapter 1 The Effect of Immunosuppressive Drugs on Cellular Changes after Antigenic Stimulation
Chapter 2 Specialized Cell Function in the Lymphoid and Reticuloendothelial Cell Series
Chapter 3 Allogeneic Inhibition and Its Possible Relation to CellBound Immunity in Vitro
Chapter 4 The Effect of Immunosuppressive Drugs at Various Stages of Differentiation of Immunologically Competent Cells
Chapter 5 A Study of AntibodyContaining Cells in the Course of Immunization
Chapter 6 Cellular Differentiation during Immune Responses Studied with the Electron Microscope and Radioautography
Chapter 7 Concerning the Recognition Reaction and Transfer RNA in Protein Synthesis
Chapter 8 Ambiguity in the Translation of the Genetic Code into Proteins Induced by Aminoglycoside Antibiotics
Chapter 12 Immunosuppressive Agents and the Cellular Kinetics of the Immune Response
Chapter 13 Immunochemical Studies of Mammalian Cell Membranes
Chapter 14 Tumor Antigens
Chapter 15 Expression of Antigens in Normal Mammalian Cells
Chapter 16 Mechanism of Complement Action and Means of Complement Depletion
Chapter 17 Immunogenicity of Synthetic Polymers of Amino Acids Role of Carrier and Genetic Background
Chapter 18 Studies on Transplantation
Author Index

Chapter 9 Macrophage RNA and Antibody Synthesis
Chapter 10 The Role of Antigen in the Regulation of Antibody Formation
Chapter 11 Alteration of Immunity by Antimetabolites

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