The Chess Player's Chronicle, Volume 6

Front Cover
J. Sampson, 1882
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Page 162 - Whatever is intended for insertion must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer; not necessarily for publication, but as a guaranty of good faith. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any view or opinions expressed in the communications of our correspondents. Attention Is called to the "Wants
Page 354 - President, in the Chair. AFTER the minutes of the previous meeting had been read and confirmed, the following names were read for the first time :— Messrs.
Page 361 - MEDLEY). 1 P. to K. 4 2 P. takes P. 3 P. to K. Kt. 4 4 P. to K. Kt. 5 5 Kt.
Page 159 - LOWEKTHAL). 1 P. to K. 4 2 P. takes P. 3 P. to K. Kt. 4 4 B.
Page 63 - Kt to К В 3 3 В to В 4 4 P to Q Kt 4...
Page 255 - X. 1. P to К 4 2. Kt to К В 3 3. В to Kt 5 4.
Page 56 - We do not hold ourselves responsible for the opinions of our Correspondents, and we do not undertake to return rejected communications.
Page 461 - Blackburne 1 P to К 4 2 Kt to К В 3 3 P to Q 4 4...
Page 308 - African Sahara. It heals the mind in sickness, and exercises it in health. It is rest to the overworked intellect, and relaxation to the fatigued body. It lessens the grief of the mourner, and heightens the enjoyment of the happy. It teaches the angry man to restrain his passions, the light-minded to become grave, the cautious to be bold, and the venturesome to be prudent.

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