Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health

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Blue Snake Books, Dec 10, 2005 - Sports & Recreation - 299 pages
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Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body explains the practice of chi gung (qigong), the 3000-year-old self-healing exercise system from China. Originally published in 1993, this book has become a classic that has inspired tens of thousands of Westerners to learn to activate their chi—life-force energy—to improve their health, reduce stress and reverse the effects of aging. This fully revised edition has more than 100 pages of new material, including Longevity Breathing methods; how cross-training in chi gung can enhance other exercises such as yoga, golf and weight training; and nei gung techniques for advanced practitioners. Chi gung exercises utilize a system of energy channels in the body that are similar to an electrical circuit. Frantzis' thorough knowledge of energy arts and the Chinese language allow him to peel away the secrecy and metaphors. He presents this 300-page edition in easy to understand terms to suit beginners, with enough meaty detail and depth for the advanced martial artist, healer or meditator. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body includes a comprehensive guide to chi gung theory and a systematic lesson plan with more than 100 illustrations. These low-impact exercises are suitable for almost any age or fitness level. They provide the foundation for learning any other chi practice, such as tai chi, martial arts, meditation or TAO Yoga. Frantzis explains not only how these inner aerobics are done, but why. Going beyond mere body movement, he teaches from the inside out, linking the biomechanics and anatomy of the physical body with the subtleties of chi. This book provides practical methods to help people become balanced, relaxed and joyful. Frantzis trained for more than a decade in China, became a Taoist Lineage Master—quite a rare occurrence—and came back to the West to teach. “My hope is that chi gung and tai chi can become mainstream exercises in the West,” says Frantzis. “We have a major health crisis looming; practicing chi gung or tai chi is one of the most effective ways people can reclaim control of their health and well-being.”

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This book is an excellent 'primer' on qigong, written by a knowledgeable author who spent considerable time learning from the greatest. This is a highly recommendable book, both for the beginner and for the advanced practitioner.

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I am a Wing Chun Master who has been in Martial Arts since my eigth birthday (6-12-64) I am now 54 and I am knowledgeable in many styles! Iron Body, Iron Palm, Soft Palm, Kung Li Chuan the art of hitting oneself, Drunken Style, Shao-Lin forms and styles, Pek Kwar (Monkey), Hsing Ie, Pa Qua, Sun Tzu Kuen (Muay Tai,Shao Lin Longfist and Wing Chun, Qi Gong, Nei Gong, Dai Gi and my personal Taoist Wu Yi, Wing Chun Deen Quan Zhen Tao Lhoong Shen Chuan Fa (Ever Green Hall Complete Truth Way Dragon Spirit Fist Art). Bruce Kumar Frantzis has been an inspiration to me and I recommend his works on Chi Gong and Tui Na to all my students and anyone dealing with back and or other pain! I just suffered a recent major Stroke and I'm going back to read it all again! From Shi Shi Hu breathing and the three swings to using standing on post for proper turning, striking and throwing techniques! This book and all his other materials are worth thier weight in Gold for overcoming limited motion and pain! Sincerely Hart S. Terrell. 


Introduction to the Revised Edition
How Chi Gung Works
CHAPTERS Chi Gung Theory
Chi Gung and Other Exercises
Taoist Yoga
Basic Standing and Sitting Alignments
Sinking Scanning
CHAPTERS Opening the Energy Gates of the Body
The Second Swing
The Third Swing
The Taoist Spine Stretch
The Heart of Taoist Energy Practices
Searching for a Qualified Teacher
Importance of Correct Chi Gung Practice
Techniques to Alleviate Tension and Discomfort While Sitting in a Chair

Rooting the Lower Body
Spiraling the Upper Body
The First Swing
The Living Taoism Collection and B K Frantzis Energy Arts Teachings

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Bruce Frantzis is reputed to be the first Westerner to hold authentic lineages in Taoist energy arts. He studied healing, martial arts and meditation with renowned teachers in Asia for 16 years--including training in China for more than a decade. Since 1987, Frantzis has taught chi gung, martial arts, TAO yoga, TAO meditation, and energetic-healing therapies to over 15,000 students in the United States and Europe. His teaching methods are spread by a growing number of certified instructors that he has trained in the United States and Europe.Frantzis is the author of several widely praised books about the power of chi including: Tai Chi: Health for Life; the chi gung books, Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body and the Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung Instruction Manual; and two volumes on the water method of TAO meditation, Relaxing Into Your Being and The Great Stillness. Two CDs, The Tao of Letting Go and Ancient Songs of the Tao, shed valuable insights into the power of TAO Meditation in helping people let go of their deepest emotional blockages and move closer to becoming truly alive, balanced and joyful.When Frantzis moved to China to follow the Taoist path of warrior/healer/priest, he was extensively trained in the chi principles and practices that are the basis of Chinese medicine. From 1974 to 1979, he trained with high-level chi gung tui na (therapeutic energy work) doctors and apprenticed under their tutelage in Chinese medical clinics. He learned to use chi to help heal a wide range of conditions including broken bones, nerve and organ damage, and cancer. He also gained an advanced acupuncture degree. Frantzis used these chi principles and practices to dramatically heal himself: first from a life-threatening form of hepatitis in India and more dramatically from massive spine injuries that he received in a car accident in 1981.Frantzis' experiences have made him a teacher with a mission: teaching people how the ancient and proven self-healing chi practices can help them achieve health, relaxation, inner peace and longevity. He aims to help avert a major health crisis that threatens to engulf the Western world.

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