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Missions -- Hawaii.

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Page 38 - Not one jot or tittle — not one iota derogatory to their character as men, as ministers of the Gospel of the strictest order, or as missionaries — could be made to appear by the united efforts of all conspired against them.
Page 46 - It is no small thing to say of the missionaries of the American Board, that in less than forty years they have taught this whole people to read and write, to cipher and to sew. They have given them an alphabet, grammar and dictionary; preserved their language from extinction; given it a literature and translated into it the Bible, and works of devotion, science and entertainment, etc.
Page 69 - As to this friendly deed of mine in saving Mr. Whalon, its seed came from your great land, and was brought by certain of your countrymen, who had received the love of God. It was planted in Hawaii, and I brought it...
Page 53 - ... firm, dignified, Christian, and moderate ; ' ' and that instead of, as had been stated, ' ' attempting to force the darkest and most dreary parts of Puritan discipline upon the simple-minded Islanders, they instructed them in the plain, simple, practical truths and principles of the Gospel.
Page 72 - ... who love Zion here. And here is just the reason for the liberty I take in addressing you now. You have lived here, and have associated with American missionaries. You would, therefore, know at once what kind of a man would be calculated to do good here. I may add, also, that I address you at the request of several Episcopalians, who are among our best people. They want a man of evangelical sentiment, of respectable talents, and most exemplary Christian life. A High Churchman, or one of loose...
Page 32 - The largest hut I passed was not higher than my waist ; capable only of containing a family like pigs in a sty, on a bed of dried grass filled with fleas and vermin. Not a bush or shrub was to be seen around, or any appearance whatever of cultivation. It was the time of their evening repast ; and most of the people were seated on the ground, eating poe, surrounded by swarms of flies, and sharing their food with dogs, pigs and ducks, who helped themselves freely from the dishes of their masters.
Page 15 - I shall be truly sorry if any circumstances shall occur calculated to create jealousy between parties who have the same great end in view — an object which would be counteracted by collision, in the same degree as it may be promoted by cooperation. " With high respect for the Society to which you belong, and much thankfulness for the work which God has enabled it to effect, I remain, " Reverend Sir, your faithful servant, "JB CANTAUB. " To the Secretary of the Board of Missions.
Page 15 - I find it to be quite true, that certain individuals have formed themselves into a committee, for the purpose of taking advantage of the proposal of the King of Hawaii, and with the ultimate view of establishing a Bishop on the Polynesian Islands.
Page 10 - ... islands having been conquered by my father, I have succeeded to the government of them, and beg leave to place them all under the protection of your most excellent Majesty ; wishing to observe peace with all nations, and to be thought worthy the confidence I place in your Majesty's wisdom and judgment. " The former idolatrous system has been abolished in these islands, as we wish the Protestant religion of your Majesty's dominions to be practised here.
Page 69 - ... sufficiency of these three, he is good and holy, like his God, Jehovah, in His triune character, (Father, Son and Holy Ghost,) one-three, three-one. If he have two and wants one, it is not well ; and if he have one and wants two, this, indeed, is not well ; but if he cherishes all three, then he is holy, indeed, after the manner of the Bible.

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