The London Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 3

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J. Souter, 1800 - Medicine
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Page 208 - years of age. He was allowed two rations in the army, and by his earnings, or the indulgence of his comrades, procured an additional fupply. When in the camp, if bread or meat were fcarce, he made up the deficiency by eating four or five pounds of grafs daily ; and in one year,
Page 208 - much as he ufed to do, when in France. He often devours a bullock's liver, raw, three pounds of candles and a few pounds of raw beef, in one day, without tailing bread or vegetables, warning it down with water, if his allowance of beer is expended. His
Page 489 - would be mortal ; fubmitting to the feveral exertions made for his recovery rather as a duty, than from any expectation of their efficacy. He confidered the operations of death upon his
Page 209 - pounds of beef, and one pound of candles, with three bottles of porter; at which time he was locked up in the room, and fentries placed at the windows to prevent his throwing away any of his provifions. At two o'clock, when
Page 210 - or whatever provifion he may have referved through the day ; and if he has none, he beguiles the time in fmoaking tobacco. About two o'clock he goes to fleep again, and awakes at five or fix o'clock in the morning in a violent perfpiration, with great heat. This quits him on getting up ; and when he has laid in a
Page 208 - of their torments on his face and hands ; fometimes he killed them before eating, but when very hungry, did not wait to perform this humane office. Dogs and rats equally fuffered from his mercilefs jaws ; and if much pinched by famine, the entrails of animals, indifcriminately, became his prey. The above
Page 488 - bleeder in the neighbourhood, who took from his arm, in the night, twelve or fourteen ounces of blood« He could not by any means be prevailed on by the family to
Page 488 - in the fame part, a cough, and a difficult rather than a painful deglutition, which were foon fucceeded by fever and a quick and laborious refpiration. The
Page 208 - in, is raw meat, beef or mutton, of which, though plentifully fupplied by eating the rations of ten men daily,* he complains he has not the fame quantity, nor indulged in eating fo much as he ufed to do, when in France.
Page 207 - copy of the refult of this ; and as it may probably appear to you, as it does to me, a document containing facis extremely interefting, both in a natural and medical view, I will beg you to procure its infertion in fome

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