The Chess world, Volume 4

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Page 71 - K. fourni 2. Kt. to KB third 3. B. to QB fourth 4. P. to Q. Kt. fourth 5.
Page 364 - It is a representative contest, a bloodless combat, an image, not only of actual military operations, but of that greater warfare which every son of the earth, from the cradle to the grave, is continually waging, the battle of life. Its virtues are as innumerable as the sands of African Sahara. It heals the mind in sickness, and exercises it in health. It is rest to the overworked intellect, and relaxation to the fatigued body. It lessens the grief of the mourner, and heightens the enjoyment of the...
Page 58 - The pieces are also of one uniform colour as they are used, at pleasure, by either party as his own, after being captured from the adversary. They are of various sizes, are long and wedgeshaped, being at the same time sharpened from side to side, in front, and the name of each piece is inscribed upon it, both the original and the one assumed, upon being reversed.
Page 88 - IP to K. fourth 2 P. to KB fourth 3. B to QB fourth 4. K. to- B. square 5.
Page 58 - Kin-shio, as the Oho-shio, except that he cannot move diagonally backward. Neither of the above are ever reversed or acquire different powers ; but all the pieces below may be reversed, (at the option of the player,) when they move to or from any square, in any of the adversary's three first rows, and thereby they acquire different powers, as well as different names.
Page 152 - G я ist. 1. P. to K. fourth 2. P. to KB fourth 3. Kt. to KB third 4. B. to QB fourth 5.
Page 71 - KB third 3. B. to QB fourth 4. P. to Q. Kt. fourth 5. P. to QB third 6. P. to Q. fourth 7. Castles 8. P. takes P. 9. P. to Q. fifth 10.
Page 135 - Kolisch.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. Kt. to KB third 3. Kt. takes KP 4. Kt. to KB third 5. P. to Q. fourth 6.

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