Lectures on Some Subjects Connected with Practical Pathology and Surgery, Volume 1

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Churchill, 1870 - Pathology
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Page 299 - ... saw. It would appear that this operation has been actually performed with some degree of advantage, and I do not doubt that circumstances may occur to make it worth while to have recourse to it. But it is to be observed, at the same time, that all that can be thus accomplished is the removal of one portion of the disease, and that it is the largest portion of it, in the bone of the pelvis, which is necessarily allowed to remain. The operation cannot be performed without a certain degree of local...
Page 109 - Aberncthy's advice, cutting it across, and applying a compress and bandage. The patient had venous inflammation, attended with very severe typhoid symptoms, and died within four days after the operation.
Page 106 - ... of the right leg, which repeatedly healed, and broke out again, so as to prevent, in a great measure, his attendance to business ; he, therefore, became desirous, on my representation, of having the saphena vein tied, it being varicose to within a hand'sbreadth of the knee.
Page 92 - Their removal, of course, will depend on the circumstances of the case ; but usually the first may be removed on the third or fourth day. After the operation, fluid or pulpy food should be given liberally : it is very important to insist on this, as the patient will otherwise be deterred by the pain of s\r alio wing.
Page 279 - ... present, observed the peculiarly white and creamy appearance of the pus. The cavity in which it was contained was about an inch and a half in length, and would have held two or three drachms. There was no portion of dead bone connected with the disease, and the matter was not in any degree putrid. The point at which the trephine was applied was exactly six inches from the head of the tibia. After the operation, the edges of the wound were slightly brought together and covered with wet lint The...
Page 130 - I examined the body, and found marks of inflammation everywhere about the principal artery and vein of the limb. From the bifurcation of the iliac trunk down to the middle of the thigh, the artery was obliterated, being completely filled with coagulated lymph, evidently effused from inflammation, closely adhering to the inner surface, but with some admixture of red coagulum.
Page 111 - ... one cluster was cured, other clusters appeared. Altogether it was a very tedious process, and my own experience does not lead me to recommend it.
Page 51 - ... from the size of a millet seed to that of a walnut, or in plates separating the outer cortical cerebral layer, which were yet unattended with softening.
Page 45 - ... very small diameter. This will be followed by a well-defined spot, of much darker colour than the surrounding texture. Several of these spots will probably appear at the same time, and each one of them will soon become surrounded by a hard spherical patch of purple congestion. Effusion of lymph will now take place, commencing in the centre of each affected portion, and gradually extending towards its circumference. If the disease continue, each spot will suppurate, and the different parts will...
Page 112 - ... surface of the artery, it may be considered as a distinct substance; but if the cut edges of the extremity of the artery had been kept in contact with each other by pressure, they would have cicatrized, and no coagulum (of lymph) would have been formed — ie, coagulating lymph would not have been effused in such a quantity as to form a mass of a determinate figure.

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