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kevin coffey? my name is Annalisa Daulton my grandfather is Curly Daulton...a columbia recording artist back in the 50s-60s but of course you knew that. the reason why i am asking is you wrote my grandfather a while back asking him about his involvement in the music industry and as far as i know you were the last person to really talk to him in depth about his career! My grandfather an i had many talks about him playing with Elvis and Bob Wills but never went into much detail! My grandfather passed away to go play in that big band in the sky a few weeks back and now i am left with his beautiful pricless guitar, a ton of pictures and 1 very old very fragile columbia recording contract! I am writing a bio on him! mostly for my family so the grandkids never forget! if you did talk to him i would love to hear from you my email is please email me and i will give you my phone number!! thank you annalisa daulton  

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