Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Volume 9

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United States National Museum, 1887 - Ancient murrelet - 13 pages

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Page 616 - A bird's nest. Mark it well ! — within, without ; No tool had he that wrought — no knife to cut, No nail to fix — no bodkin to insert — No glue to join ; his little beak was all. And yet how neatly finished ! What nice hand. With every implement and means of art, And twenty years...
Page 459 - Certain, nevertheless, it is that we shall not disinter any craft which, in respect of model and workmanship, will outrival that of Gokstad. For, in the opinion of experts, this must be termed the masterpiece of its kind, not to be surpassed by aught which the shipbuilding craft of the present age could produce.
Page 469 - In life, bright green, olivaceous above, paler below; the lower half of the body becoming posteriorly того and moro yellow, and on the lower half of the caudal peduncle bright light yellow; this color brightest above front of anal; a longitudinal band of bright crimson (fading to whitish in spirits) on body on level of eye. but narrower than eye and growing fainter behind ; some crimson marks on the scales above this band forming a faint interrupted band below lateral line; both these bands continued...
Page 489 - Teeth small, in bands in both jaws, the outer enlarged, those of upper jaw very slender. Scales large, ctenoid, those of nape and belly little reduced. Longest dorsal spine shorter than head. Caudal scarcely pointed, about as long as head. Color...
Page 491 - ... each jaw, the outer somewhat enlarged, the outer in some (males?) much enlarged above and recurved, the enlarged teeth fixed, the others movable. Scales large, ctenoid, reduced anteriorly; belly naked. Dorsal spines little filamentous, the longest about equal to head; caudal 2J to 3 in body. Males dark olive, with 4 oblong dark blotches along middle of sides ; a dark caudal spot; a black blotch larger than eye on each side of shoulder ; dorsal spotted • caudal reddish above, dusky below ; fe;i!,
Page 491 - ... some of them fixed, those below small, in a band. Scales anteriorly cycloid, becoming larger posteriorly, and ctenoid ; dorsal spines scarcely filamentous, none of them as high as body; caudal 2J in body.
Page 537 - The snout is of moderate length, rather longer than the eye, which is contained three times and a half in the length of the head. The cleft of the mouth is very wide, the maxillary reaching to the vertical from the centre of the eye.
Page 490 - Color olivaceous, with numerous dark reticulations on back: 5 black spots along side, the last forming a spot on base of caudal, sometimes with V-shaped dark bars extending from them to dorsal; breast and sides of belly with numerous dark specks in male; a dark line between eyes; a dark line from eye to middle of premaxillary, some dark spots below eye, sometimes forming bars, sometimes a stripe; a large oblique spot above...

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