The New-England Journal of Medicine and Surgery: And Collateral Branches of Science, Volume 9

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Wells and Lilly, 1820 - Medicine

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Page 400 - The Philosophy of domestic Economy ; as exemplified in the Mode of Warming, Ventilating, Washing, Drying, and Cooking, and in various Arrangements...
Page 80 - If digestion be impeded, from whatever cause, the uneasy symptoms in that organ may be alleviated by great attention to articles of diet, but no inference can be drawn from this source in regard to the cause of the derangement. In the earlier periods of these cases the diagnosis is often difficult. There is generally more fixed and permanent uneasiness in the head than we should expect to find in a dyspeptic case, and the uneasiness is increased by causes which would probably be beneficial to a dyspeptic...
Page 104 - A Short Account of some of the Principal Hospitals of France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands ; with Remarks upon the Climate and Diseases of those Countries. By HW Carter, MDFRSE, one of Dr Ratclifte's Travelling Fellows from the University of Oxford, .'is.
Page 22 - A practical Inquiry into the Causes of the frequent Failure of the Operations of Depression, and of the Extraction of the Cataract, as usually performed; with the Description of a Series of new and improved Operations, by the practice of which most of these Causes of Failure may be avoided.
Page 80 - A. adds this important caution : — 'In cases of this class we must beware of being misled, in regard to the nature of the complaint, by observing that the symptoms in the stomach are alleviated by attention to regimen, or by treatment directed to the stomach itself. If digestion be impeded, from whatever cause, these uneasy symptoms in the stomach may be alleviated by great attention to diet, but no inference can be drawn from this source, in regard to the cause of the derangement.
Page 165 - ... is in horny plates, and even forms warty or spinous projections. Hence a great number of subordinate varieties of ichthyosis have been recognized, ichthyosis simplex, cornea, hystrix, etc., which, however, are not varieties in kind, but merely in the degree of the disease. Certain parts of the body, the face, the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the armpits, and the bends of the knees and elbows, are not attacked by the affection, while its favorite seat is upon the dorsal surface of...
Page 383 - ... principal source of the demand for the timber, although large and of excellent quality, the operation of cutting and transporting the trees has necessarily ceased. On the 3d and 17th of January, 1820, Dr Ferguson, inspector of hospitals, read a very interesting paper on the Nature and History of Marsh Poison, as known under the titles of Marsh Miasmata and Malaria. From a reference to the medical topography of various places in the south of Europe and the West Indies, the author endeavoured to...
Page 133 - Cap xi.) 24. A boy, aged 16 months, formerly healthy, was seized with an attack of convulsion. It affected chiefly his right side, which was very strongly convulsed. He had a second attack on the evening of the same day, after which he had fever, blindness, and loss of the power of deglutition. In this state he continued, supported by glysters, for ten days, when he had another fit; and after this he gradually re.
Page 117 - August, when the thermometer in the shade stood at 80% the air which entered the air flue under ground at the same temperature, was found to be 60 at the extremity where it entered the stove-room : the current at this time was sufficient to blow out a lighted candle. In another experiment when the outer air was at 54 this air was reduced to 51C by passing through the flue.
Page 384 - ... marsh poison, such as its particular adherence to and attraction for lofty umbrageous trees and rising grounds in the neighbourhood of swamps ; its concentration in ravines, hollows, or leeward localities ; its absorption from passing over water, and rarefaction or dissipation by the sun's heat, and regular currents of wind, were also pointed out and illustrated. In the course of the paper, the author, while treating of the effects of the marsh poison, was led to consider its extreme and most...

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