Liberalism and Industry: Towards a Better Social Order

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Houghton Mifflin, 1921 - Industrial policy - 208 pages

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Page 208 - I. This preservation photocopy was made and hand bound at BookLab, Inc. in compliance with copyright law. The paper, Weyerhaeuser Cougar Opaque Natural, meets the requirements of ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (Permanence of Paper). 2044 022 664
Page 19 - it is security in doing, by a man's free choice, all or any of the things that are worth doing, and that are not harmful to his
Page 31 - half of the nineteenth century, and during the early years of the twentieth
Page 46 - capital in this sense is indispensable for the conduct of industry. Roughly, in a complex society like ours, we have to set aside year by year about one-fifth of all the wealth we create for the purpose of keeping our industries going and expanding them. If we failed to do so we should
Page 200 - In all industrial work the voice of every contributing element should have due weight, but there is room for wide variation in the relative influence which each element may possess. In all cases the directive and organising element must necessarily have a high degree of independent authority. In all cases labour of
Page 126 - And there is a great deal to be said in favour of
Page 77 - of hand and brain is entitled to expect?"! from the industry to which it is devoted (a) a wage sufficient to maintain a man and his family in reasonable comfort according to current standards, this being the primary claim on the income of every concern
Page 31 - is the duty of the State to secure for all its citizens such conditions of life as will make real Liberty possible.
Page 201 - an organised co-partnership of the several factors in production. And over all forms of organisation must stand the democratic State, not interfering in the actual conduct of industrial affairs (a function which it cannot directly perform with efficiency), but striving to ensure, by legislative and administrative action, that justice is done and that the rights and liberties of all citizens are protected.
Page 53 - and Capital alone. It concerns all the factors which are necessary for the efficient conduct of an industry. And these factors number at least five, all of which are indispensable and no one of. . which could do anything without

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