The Challenge of the Present Crisis

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Association Press, 1917 - Religion - 99 pages
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Page 73 - In every discussion of the peace that must end this war It is taken for granted that that peace must be followed by some definite concert of power, which will make it virtually Impossible that any such catastrophe should ever overwhelm us again.
Page 87 - JESUS ! and shall it ever be, A mortal man ashamed of thee ? Ashamed of thee, whom angels praise, Whose glories shine through endless days ? 2 Ashamed of Jesus ! sooner far Let evening blush to own a star : He sheds the beams of light divine O'er this benighted soul of mine.
Page 87 - From the unreal lead me to the real; from darkness lead me to light; from death lead me to immortality
Page 57 - 15. — I have seen with the eyes of God. I have seen the naked souls of men, stripped of circumstance. Rank and reputation, wealth and poverty, knowledge and ignorance, manners and uncouthness, these I saw not. I saw the naked souls of men. I saw who were slaves and who were free: who were beasts and who men: who were contemptible and who honorable. I have seen with the eyes of God. I have seen the vanity of the temporal and the glory of the eternal. I have despised comfort and honored pain. I have...
Page 30 - But these mine enemies, that would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.
Page 23 - The sanction ; till, demanding formal proof, And seeking it in everything, I lost All feeling of conviction, and, in fine, Sick, wearied out with contrarieties, Yielded up moral questions in despair.
Page 86 - Waldensian chapel, where a little squeaking idiot was preaching to an audience of seventeen old women and three louts, that they were the only children of God in Turin; and that all the people in Turin outside the chapel, and all the people in the world out of sight of Monte Viso, would be damned.
Page 87 - He setteth fast the high heavens, and establisheth the solid earth. His government is everlasting. His poor servant, I bow my head, and lay it in the dust, bathed in His grace and glory.
Page 62 - War means lying days and nights wounded and alone in NoMan's Land; it means men with jaws gone, eyes gone, limbs gone, minds gone; it means countless bodies of boys tossed into the incinerators that follow in the train of every battle; it means prison camps vicious with the inevitable results of enforced idleness; it means untended wounds and gangrene and the long time it takes to die; it means mothers who look for letters they will never see and wives who wait for voices they will never hear and...
Page 17 - R,' and a piece is taken off her left ear on the same side; the same letter is branded on the inside of both her legs- " ABNER Ross, " Fairfield District, SC" Let any serious-minded man read a few pages of the Key to " Uncle Tom's Cabin,

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