101 People who are Really Screwing America: (and Bernard Goldberg is Only #73)

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Nation Books, 2006 - Humor - 332 pages
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Perhaps one of the most ridiculous phenomena of recent years is Bernard Goldberg's right-wing and unforgivably successful 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. The vast majority of his targets are no different from the picks of any hyperventilating fan of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly: feminists, academics, media moguls, newspaper columnists, liberals, and a few obscure cartoonists and painters. But it's thin on the right wing politicos, their media and corporate echochamber who have landed us in the mess we're in. Best-selling author Jack Huberman provides us with an entertaining and informative bestiary of the real crooks, liars and cheats who are screwing up America. These are not just the people making asses of themselves or getting more media attention than they deserve. Huberman restores the likes of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, James A. Baker III, Gary Bauer Brent Bozell, Ann Coulter, Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, Leo Strauss and Ralph Reed to their rightful place in the national hall of shame, along with such oozing pustules of cultural putrefaction as the Olson Twins, Mel Gibson, William Bennett, Katie Couric, Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Oprah Winfrey, Teletubbies, the Simpson sisters, and God.

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About the author (2006)

Jack Huberman lives in New York City and is the author of the bestselling Bush Haters Handbook and its sequel Bushit!

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