Works: In English Verse, Volume 1

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Page 206 - Cacus the son of Vulcan, who breathed out nothing but flame. I do not know by the character that is given of her works, whether it is not for the benefit...
Page 19 - Could thro' the ranks of ruin go, With storms above, and rocks below ! In vain did Nature's wise command Divide the waters from the land, If daring ships and men prophane Invade th' inviolable main ; Th' eternal fences over-leap, And pass at will the boundless deep.
Page 46 - With well-heap'd logs dissolve the cold, And feed the genial hearth with fires; Produce the wine, that makes us bold, And sprightly wit and love inspires : For what hereafter shall betide, God, if 'tis worth his care, provide.
Page 206 - One may see by what is left of them that she followed nature in all her thoughts, without descending to those little points, conceits, and turns of wit with which many of our modern lyrics are so miserably infected.
Page 19 - Nor Hyades portending rain, Nor all the tyrants of the main. What form of death could him affright, Who...
Page 109 - I, who these mysterious truths declare, Was once Euphorbus in the Trojan war; My name, and lineage I remember well, And how in fight by Sparta's king I fell. In Argive Juno's fane I late beheld My buckler hung on high, and own'd my former shield.
Page 247 - Cowper's merit, not my own. And when the tomb my duft mall hide, Stripp'd of a mortal's little pride, Vain pomp be fpar'd, and every tear ; Let but...
Page 20 - Ambitious man inur'd to pain; The more confin'd, the more he tries, And at forbidden quarry flies. Thus bold Prometheus did...
Page 41 - LET others in exalted lays The lofty dome of Hopetoun praise, Or where of old, in lonely cell, The musing druid wont to dwell: Or with the sacred sisters roam, Near holy Melrose...
Page 126 - Reliev'd his wave-beat ship from sea, Or camp'd upon the plain, The joys of wine, and Muses young, Soft Beauty, and her page he sung, That still to her adheres : Margaret, author of his sighs, Adorn'd with comely coal-black eyes, And comely coal-black hairs.

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