The History of Peter the Cruel, King of Castile and Leon, Volume 2

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Richard Bently, 1849 - Castile (Spain)
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Page 379 - Marking then the fatal crisis, Up the page of Henry ran, By the waist he caught Don Pedro, Aiding thus the fallen man :— " King to place, or to depose him, Dwelleth not in my desire, But the duty which he owes him To his master pays the squire."— Now Don Henry has the upmost, Now King Pedro lies beneath : In his heart his brother's poniard Instant finds its bloody sheath. Thus with mortal gasp and quiver, While the blood in bubbles welled, Fled the fiercest soul that ever In a Christian bosom...
Page 371 - I've done, to proud Castille no treason e'er did I. The crown they put upon my head was a crown of blood and sighs, God grant me soon another crown more precious in the skies.
Page 371 - my maidens, he brings my death, I fear." Then said the archer, bending low, " The king's commandment take, And see thy soul be ordered well with God that did it make : " For lo ! thine hour is come, therefrom no refuge may there be." Then gently spake the Lady Blanche, " My friend, I pardon thee ; " Do what thou wilt, so be the king hath his commandment given ; Deny me not confession — if so, forgive ye, Heaven...
Page 378 - Harmless pastime, sport fraternal, Blends not thus their limbs in strife ; Either aims, with rage infernal, Naked dagger, sharpened knife. Close Don Henry grapples Pedro, Pedro holds Don Henry strait, Breathing, this, triumphant fury, That, despair and mortal hate. Sole spectator of the struggle, Stands Don Henry's page afar, In the chase who bore his bugle, And who bore his sword in war. Down they go in deadly wrestle, Down upon the earth they go, Fierce King Pedro has the vantage, Stout Don Henry...
Page 58 - The heralds and the king are foremost in the place. They clear away the people from the middle space; They measure out the lists, the barriers they fix, They point them out in order and explain to all the six: < If you are forced beyond the line where they are fixed and traced, You shall be held as conquered and beaten and disgraced.
Page 378 - HENRY and King Pedro clasping, Hold in straining arms each other; Tugging hard and closely grasping, Brother proves his strength with brother.
Page 75 - ... were brought, of the thickness and length of those we use for thatching. The bridegroom first took one, and set off full gallop towards the plank, to break it ; as it shook in his hand, he broke it with ease, when shouts of joy resounded, and the instruments of music, namely, nacaires, like those of the Turks, began to play. Each of the other cavaliers broke their wands in the same manner. Then the bridegroom tied two of them together, which in truth were not too strong, and broke them without...
Page 74 - Forty cavaliers advanced to this spot, without any arms or armor whatever but a short stick. They at first amused themselves by running after each other, which lasted for about half an hour ; then from sixty to fourscore rods of alder were brought, of the thickness and length of those we use for thatching.
Page 155 - ... they could use it in battle. Their way of fighting, when assailed by the cavalry, was, to place the handle of the lance against their feet, to hold out the sharp part against the horse, to spit the animal, and then with the rapidity of lightning to fall on the encumbered horseman, and despatch him. " In the Sicilian wars between Pedro III. of Aragon and the French ', a party of the almogavares fell in with a large body of the enemy, and fled. One of them was taken ; and the French thought him...
Page 371 - ... e encara con lo que avredes conquerido, e seer amigo de nuestros amigos e enemigo de nuestros enemigos. Escripta de nuestra mano en Monçon, al zaguer dia de Marco l'anyo 1363. — E yo el conde don Enrique prometo...

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