Easter Day Murders

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AuthorHouse, Feb 23, 2010 - Fiction - 188 pages
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Jerry Bauer and James Stevens are two people with different past and secrets that cross paths in a sick and twisted way. Jerry Bauer, a Criminal Psychiatrist and adolescent mentor and James Stevens, a troubled orphan with no hope. They're both the same person. Or are they?

 After months of helping the FBI look for a serial killer, Dr. Jerry Bauer makes the hunt for the killer seem elusive. He also discusses with James raged outlashes he has let come to surface. An FBI agent, Luther Manchester comes to Bauer with some evidence on the killer, to which the killer is murdering his victims in a biblical sense. By accident, James discovers a shocking yet interesting twist in the story. Murders begin to come up even more weird than before. Revealed, rookie agent, Sherry Dixon comes up with the first lead in the case; she finds out all of the victims were psych patients which end up being ex-Manson Family memebers. Meanwhile, James takes a beating at the orphanage he’s in which he begins to develope multiple personalities. Manchester and Dixon, on the trail of the killer, which is getting close to pulling off his biggest murder. James is being accepted into his foster family, he’s beaten and raped by his foster sister and foster father. James is threaten if he told anyone what happen to him. Everything comes to a head, the serial killer kills Dixon and Manchester. Agent, Alberto Rodriguez, is tipped to bring the serial killer down. The story includes more characters and subplots which twist the story into a mind teaser, such as when a Ex Forensic agent turned detective, is assigned to the reopening to the case and he finds out the killer is still alive. There’s more details as the story grows…

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About the author (2010)

Being able to adapt to a skill which lies dormant in a lot of people: Surviving through the hard times in our neighborhood we demanded it, with the help of God. The first time you read "Easter Day Murders", the debut novel from Bryant Jackson and Edward Meadows, you will experience a motion picture novel. These two authors have created a new avenue of novels which hasn't been tapped into yet. Being long time friends, Edward and Bryant shared different outlooks on movies and novels. Both being from two southern states, Bryant from Arkansas and Edward from Alabama, the two came together in 2001 on their first  project "Legions", with consistance and encouragement from peers and fellow co-writer, Ronald Givens Jr., also from Arkansas, Edward and Bryant put forth the effort to make writing screenplays and novels more than just a hobby. In 2004 Bryant moved to Texas and Edward and Ronald remained in Arkansas, but the split didn't deny them of creating new stories. Before returning back to Arkansas in 2007 Bryant and Edward sat down put all their ideas together and made their multi-media label concrete, Triple Vision Entertainmnet LLC, over four projects was completed and three now are being optioned into novels. When first asked about the entertainment industry, Bryant stated, "The reason why today's industry is hurting, people who've already made it are not willing to give nobody else a chance, ecspecially when they can make a difference in the industry. Until those people are given a chance the consumers are going to keep suffering from wanting a breath of fresh air, but we're going to keep pressing our way and keep believing in God." 


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