Ladies Must Live

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Century Company, 1917 - 249 pages
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Page 44 - Briicke, a bridge leading from the palace. Turning to our right we pass along through noble trees, charmed by " The sound of a hidden brook In the leafy month of June, Which to the quiet trees all night Singeth a quiet tune." We reach the broad road leading to Upper Weimar. On this road, which skirts a meadow washed by the Ilm, we shall pass Goethe's Gartenhaus (Garden House, to be described hereafter), and then winding round the meadow, cross another bridge, and...
Page 2 - She was unaware of her own powers, and really supposed that her sudden and usually ephemeral friendships were based on mutual attraction.
Page 5 - Would any one like to hear Roland's explanation of why he is not with us? " " Had it anything to do with his not being asked? " said a pale young man; and as soon as he had spoken, he glanced...
Page 1 - She turned toward hidden social availability very much as the douser's hazel wand turns toward the hidden spring.
Page 223 - One of the first acts of the new government was to revoke the iniquitous concession of the San Pedro gold mine, made to " a group of greedy North American capitalists by the former corrupt and evil administration.
Page 3 - Almar — - that she was very handsome and that she was not a hypocrite, no more than a pirate is a hypocrite who comes aboard with his cutlass in his teeth.
Page 59 - Last winter my time was immensely occupied by two friends of mine who had both fallen in love with the same man — one of them was married to him — and they used to come every day and confide in me.
Page 27 - ... no one to take me—"
Page 105 - I want to talk about. I want to speak to you about this terrible situation in which Christine finds herself.
Page 187 - You are not so ignorant of the ways of the world as not to know his intentions.

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