Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

After terminally cute campus high-jinks (The Big U) and a smug but attention-grabbing eco-thriller (Zodiac), Stephenson leaps into near-future Gibsonian cyberpunk—with predictably mixed results. The familiar-sounding backdrop: The US government has been sold off; businesses are divided up into autonomous franchises ("franchulates") visited by kids from the heavily protected independent ... Read full review

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Utterly Brilliant!

User Review  - BratPrinceRy - Borders

This was the first cyber punk I've ever read and good god it was amazing! Cyber punk is a branch of Sci-Fi that combines "high tech with low life", (thanks wiki), which means hackers in almost ... Read full review


User Review  - Ryan J. - Borders

Snow Crash is a wonderfully written book. It is full of detail, mystery, and sarcasm. Though the language can be lengthy and hard for anyone with a smaller vocabulary to understand this book is a ... Read full review

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Un libro de hackers para hackers. Si no te gusta la informática y no estás en el mundo del hactivismo, no es para ti.
Neal Stephenson explora el poder del lenguaje sobre el cerebro humano, al igual
que los lenguajes de programación que interactúan con el hardware. Todo ello en un mundo apocalíptico y amoral en el que las corporaciones han sustituido a los estados. 

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Rusty N - Goodreads

I don't have a lot to say about it. It was an excellent book. I loved the examinations of philosophy, religion, psychology, etc. You can't go wrong with pizza-delivering hacker-detective-spy sword fighters! Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - BH - Goodreads

A very influential book in my work in the web - when I read it in 1994 its prescience was instrumental in my understanding of how the newly formed space called the web would evolve. Still worth a read ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Jim Bradford - Goodreads

I can't think of a single written work, in all of human history, that has managed to combine forgettable, vapid characters (with terrible names) along with a more ill-conceived setting (positively ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Shelly - The Illustrated Librarian - - Goodreads

Snow Crash is a truly visionary work, but not an easy read. The surface plot involves two young accidental heroes in a futuristic United States. YT and Hiro attempt to figure out and terminate a mind ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Aaron - Goodreads

Read my review here on my blog! Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Maré Odomo - Goodreads

So much I don't remember from the first time I read it (in high school). So incredible. I'm really glad I went through it a second time. This is something I rarely do and don't often have time for. It ... Read full review

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