Rolls of arms of the reigns of Henry iii, and Edward iii. (The copy of an ould Rolle of armes made in the reigne of king H. 3. A roll of arms compiled in the reign of Edward the third). Ed. by N.H. Nicolas

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Page 10 - Genville." in St. Stephen's chapel, Westminster. In the Roll of Hen. III., AD 1240—1245, are these blazons. Simon de Genevill, noir, a trois breys " d'or, au cheif d'argent ung demi lion de goules. Geffrey de Genevile, d'azure, a trois breys d'or, au cheif d'ermyne ung demy lion de goules. Although Geffrey Genevile, Lord of Trim and Meth, in Ireland, was closely connected in various ways with the De Lacys and De Burghs, Earls of Ulster, and is sometimes called by that title', it is not quite clear...
Page 47 - ... Rolls of Arms of the Reigns of Henry III. and Edward III.' edited by the latter. London, 1829. Mr. Willement was forced to report the total loss of seven out of the twenty shields on the south side, and detected no more than the first twelve on the north side of the church. He observed that there was little doubt of the shields having been originally continued to the west end. That this was the fact is shown by Holand and Dart. " I readily obtained from Sir Thomas Phillipps permission to copy...
Page 3 - Cotgrave acknowledges that his experience was not sufficient to master the writing, " being so auncient that it was very hard to be read, which he did as exactly as he could decerne and pick out, and the rest he omitted of necessity." We may remark, in conclusion, that it is a plain proof of what we before hinted, that formerly heralds had themselves very confused ideas of the antiquity of their art, that this professor continues, " which rolle, by eslimac'on, cannot be under 400 yeares since the...
Page 45 - Sculptured. The inscription gone. 3. Destroyed. 4. Or, four pallets gules. Sculptured. No inscription. 5. Gules, seven mascles or, 3, 3, 1. Sculptured. No inscription. 6. Quarterly gules and or, a bendlet sinister, and a narrow bordure, sable ; over all, a label of five points argent.
Page 13 - D'argent a la fece de goulz a deux molets en le cheif goulz (Glover, Walford).
Page 9 - D'argent a deux barres de goules a trois molets en le cheif goules (Glover).
Page 17 - ... Bigod, the founder of the Settrington line. Sir John Bigod, of Settrington, married Constance, daughter and co-heir of Peter, 3rd Baron de Mauley, who died in 1383. The other daughter and heir was the wife of George Salveyn, and in the arms of Salveyn, Mauley, as here, is given the place of honour. " Rafe Bigot d'or ung crois de goules a les escalops d'argent en le croix " (Glover's Roll, etc.). Constable's Roll gives for " Sir Fraunces Bygode," of Settrington : (1) Per pale or and vert a lion...
Page 7 - ... (PR). Dead sp 18 Ap. 1334 (FR), leaving wid. Annora, who was living 1338 (GEC). John de Lancastre, Kt. of Shire, Lancs., in 1322, may perhaps have been Jn. de L. of Holgill, but if he were the Baron who was sumd to Parl. 1300 to 1309, the case is interesting. LANCASTRE, William de. D'argent a deux barres de goules, ung quartier de goules et ung leopard en la quartier d'or (Glover). His Inq. 25 Dec. 1246. He held many lands in Lancs. and Westmd, and left two coheirs, viz., Peter de Bras, of age,...
Page 12 - D'or a la fesse de goules et trois torteux d'argent en la fesse (Glover).
Page 17 - Dm de Barantine, Noir a trois EGLES d'or." " John de Beauchamp, Noir ung EGLE d'argent, beke et les pees (pies) d'or." * In Charles's Roll they are more numerous ; as an example from it, I give you the coat of William d'ERNEArms of D'Erneford, from Charles's Roll. FORD ; Erne signifying an Eagle, and for that reason being borne by ERNE of Lancashire, and others, whose names contain that syllable. William...

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