Manual of Operative Surgery, Volume 2

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Bermingham, 1884 - Surgery, Operative - 593 pages
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Page 360 - Poupart's ligament, at a point midway between the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium and the symphysis pubis...
Page 365 - In a very short time the plaster sets with sufficient firmness, so that the patient can be removed from the suspending apparatus and laid upon his face or back on a hair mattress, or, what is preferrible, especially when there is much projection of the spinous processes or sternum, an air bed. Before the plaster has completely set the "dinner pad...
Page 401 - The fresh-cut edges of skin and mucous membrane above and below, that are to form the new lip borders, are shaped by paring first the skin and then the mucous membrane in such a manner that the latter shall overlap the former, after they have been secured together by fine thread sutures inserted at short intervals.
Page 554 - Pritchard's anklets and wristlets. The surgeon, seated on a low chair, first makes a digital exploration per rectum, to ascertain, as far as practicable, the condition of the membranous and prostatic divisions of the urethra; then he makes a free incision, in the median line of the perineum, extending from the base of the scrotum to within half an inch of the margin of the anus, involving only the skin and superficial fascia. The external incision, usually recommended in this operation, is from one...
Page 456 - Next, the sac at the scrotal incision is pinched up between the finger and thumb, and the cord slipped back from it, as in taking up varicose veins. The needle is then passed across behind the sac, entering and emerging at the opposite ends of the scrotal incision, as delineated in flg.
Page 429 - The anterior surface of the right kidney presents three impressions, viz. a hepatic, a colic, and a duodenal. The hepatic impression, which indicates the area of contact with the under surface of the right lobe of the liver, occupies almost the whole of the upper two-thirds of the anterior surface, and corresponds to the upper inclined plane. Over this district the kidney is sometimes sunk deeply into the substance of the liver. The suprarenal capsule, which rests, as a rule, on the upper...
Page 401 - A sharp-pointed, double-edged knife should then be inserted at the middle of this curved incision, and directed flatwise toward the cheek, between the skin and mucous membrane, so as to separate them from each other as far as the new angle of the mouth requires to be extended. The skin alone is next divided from the commissure of the mouth outward toward the cheek.
Page 426 - Its anterior surface is directed upward and forward, and is in relation to the diaphragm and the under surface of the left lobe of the liver, and, unless empty or adherent posteriorly, comes in contact with the abdominal walls in the epigastric region.
Page 394 - ... equidistant from the median line, and at such a distance apart as to include between them sufficient length of lip border with which to form a new upper lip. The steps of the operation are then the following : with the forefinger of the left hand placed on the inside of the mouth, the cheek is held moderately on the stretch, while with a sharp-pointed knife it is transfixed at the point a, as marked by the lower pin in the side of the chin.
Page 308 - Under all circumstances, except where poverty, advanced age, and confirmed dissolute habits so combine in the individual as to render it certain that mechanical appliances would be of little service, give the patient the stump best adapted to the most useful artificial limbs.

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