Secret Nostrums and Systems of Medicine: A Book of Formulas

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Oleson & Company, 1896 - Medicine - 255 pages

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Page 199 - A more insidious and dangerous fraud can scarcely be imagined, especially when administered, as this is recommended, for the cure of inebriety or the opium habit. Carter's Physical Extract, Georgetown, Mass. Dose, i tablespoonful three times daily.
Page 82 - The patient will oftentimes complain of severe tormina; checking the current of water for a few seconds will be followed by complete relief. The presence of such a strange foreign body in the intestine as hot water, in many cases excites prodigious peristaltic activity, thus producing the tormina. Plain hot water is all that is necessary to use. The water should be hot; cold water, or tepid water, will not do. It will produce great suffering. One patient took the flushings for a fortnight, and returning...
Page 207 - ... all they will bear. The first day the patient drinks pretty heavily of the whisky in his room. The second day he begins to lose his desire for it. By the evening of the third day or the morning of the fourth, he is totally sick of it, and will not take any more. The treatment is carried on from three to six weeks. Dr. Gray says he has treated some two hundred patients, but the difficulty of getting a correct history of many of them after they have lett the institution makes it impossible to give...
Page 87 - ... invaginate the right fore-finger in the scrotum and find the external abdominal ring, then with the left fore-finger press perpendicularly upon the integument directly over this ring, and use sufficient force to, if possible, press the integument together with the finger directly into the ring. The left forefinger being at or in the ring, the spermatic cord and the...
Page 121 - ... hypodermic syringe. Knowledge of their method spread. Certain itinerants began to sell the secret to others, pledging them to secrecy in turn, and binding each to practice only in the district for which he had purchased the 'right.
Page 182 - I see in November WORLD the formula asked for. I used it ten years, but found the price too high. I now manufacture it myself for half the price and find it identical producing the same results. I have put it up for sixteen years and know it to be a good diuretic.
Page 6 - B." and lay it upon the affected part, removing, squeezing away the liquid, soaking it afresh, and again applying until the iodine stain has disappeared. Repeat the entire process thrice daily, but diminish the frequency of the application if tenderness be produced. In the course of from three or four days to as many weeks the freckles will either have disappeared entirely, or their intensity will Ъе very greatly diminished. "Summer freckles, yield very speedily to this treatment.
Page 130 - I cannot expect to remain much longer in this world, and I want the profession to know the value of this local anaesthetic.
Page 202 - Contains St. Croix rum." Wineglassful three times daily. 33.2 per cent. Flint's Quaker's Bitters, Boston. Teaspoonful six times daily. 21.4 per cent. Goodhue's Bitters, Salem, Mass. Half wineglassful. 16. 1 per cent. Hartshorn's Bitters, Boston. Tablespoon to half wineglassful. 22.2 per cent. Hoofland's German Bitters, Philadelphia. " Entirely vegetable and free from alcoholic stimulant.
Page 181 - Liver CUre. In Germany each maker of patents must furnish the Government with the formula for the patent he makes. This is the one furnished by Warner for "Safe Kidney and Liver Cure.

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