The Spirituality of Causation: A Scientific Hypothesis

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Williams and Norgate, 1874 - Causation - 117 pages

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Page 51 - I cross the boundary of the experimental evidence, and discern in that Matter which we, in our ignorance of its latent powers, and notwithstanding our professed reverence for its Creator, have hitherto covered with opprobrium, the promise and potency of all terrestrial Life.
Page 51 - ... to the extent that the growth of knowledge demands. When this truth has been thoroughly taken in, rigidity will be relaxed, exclusiveness diminished, things now deemed essential will be dropped, and elements now rejected will be assimilated. The lifting of the life is the essential point ; and as long as dogmatism, fanaticism, and intolerance are kept out, various modes of leverage may be employed to raise life to a higher level.
Page 21 - This is the key of the bishop's position; "our organized bodies are no more a part of ourselves than any other matter around us." In proof of this he calls attention to the use of glasses, which "prepare objects" for the "percipient power" exactly as the eye does. The eye itself is no more percipient than the glass...
Page 51 - ... quality of life." The boldness of this utterance was, however, speedily toned down, though rather in form than reality. Though the speaker would evidently cut off religious ideas from all contact with the external world, yet he would not banish religion from the human mind. On the contrary, he spoke of the " immoveable basis of the religious sentiment in the emotional nature of man," intimating that it might be made useful.

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