The History of Poland: From Its Origin as a Nation to the Commencement of the Year 1795. To which is Prefixed an Accurate Account of the Geography and Government of that Country, and the Customs and Manners of Its Inhabitants

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Vernor and Hood, 1795 - Poland - 500 pages
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Page 373 - II BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND THE WILL OF THE NATION KING OF ITALY In view of the law of March 17th, 1861, No.
Page 376 - ... and contracts, for as long a term as may be agreed on ; with liberty to remain or to remove, after having fulfilled the obligations he may have voluntarily...
Page 64 - ... confider it as an infringement of the laws. The members were thunderftruck at a proteft: of this nature, hitherto unknown. Warm debates took place about the propriety of continuing or diflblving the diet : at length, however, the venal and difcontented faction, who tupported the proteft, obtained the majority; and the afTembly broke up in great confufion.
Page 466 - Soon after this he was appointed to the command of a company of artillery in the regiment of the crown, and was looked up to as a man of courage and eminence in his profeflion. " About this time it was that he captivated the aJections of a young lady of the firft family and fortune in Poland. The lovers had...
Page 313 - All was confuflon and diforder during this time at the palace, where the attendants who had deferted their maller had fpread the alarm. The foot-guards ran immediately to the fpot from whence the king had been conveyed, but they found only his hat all bloody, and his bag : this increafed their apprehenlions for his life. The whole city was in an uproar. The aflaffins profited of the univerfal confufion, terror, and confternation, to bear away their prize.
Page 428 - ... of the republic. We openly declare that we enter into nothing, nor in any manner into any concern whatever, which may tend to...
Page 319 - Coccei instantly rode to the mill, followed by a detachment of the guards. He met Kosinski at the door with his sabre drawn, who admitted him as soon as he knew him. The king had...
Page 453 - Brandenburg fhould not form any pretenfion to their fucceffion, which fhall belong to the republic:" with the following alteration, however, of the laft article in the faid treaty ; " That we the king will not ratify fuch treaty of ceffion, both in our and in the republic's name, unlefs the treaty of commerce, and all feparate articles mutually agreed on, under the accepted mediation and guarantee of the court of Ruffia, by both parties, fhall be finally fettled and figned by the contracting powers.
Page 374 - ... dominant religion, but freedom was assured to all other forms of faith. 2. All prerogatives granted by Casimir the Great in the statutes of Wislica and elsewhere were renewed, confirmed, and declared to be inviolable. The article then goes on to say : " We acknowledge the rank of the noble equestrian order in Poland to be equal to all degrees of nobility ; all persons of that order to be equal among themselves, not only in the eligibility to all posts of honour, trust, or emolument, but in the...
Page 434 - Polifh dominions, and for the cutting off at once, for ever, all future difturbances and frequent changes of government, has been pleafed now to take under her fway, and to unite for ever to her empire, the following tracts of land, with all their inhabitants...

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