An historical account of all the voyages round the world: performed by English navigators; including those lately undertaken by order of His present Majesty. The whole faithfully extracted from the journals of the voyagers. Drake, undertaken in 1577-80; Cavendish, 1586-88; Cowley, 1683-86; Dampier, 1689-96; Cooke, 1708-11; Rogers, 1708-11; Clipperton and Shelvocke, 1719-22; Anson, undertaken in 1740-44; Byron, 1764-66; Wallis, 1766-68; Carteret, 1766-69; and Cook, 1768-71. Together with that of Sydney Parkinson ... and the voyage of Mons. Bougainville ... To which is added, an appendix. Containing the Journal of a voyage to the North pole, by the Hon. Commodore Phipps, and Captain Lutwidge ..., Том 1

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Сторінка 192 - ... that a fire was kindled about a quarter of a mile farther on the way. Mr. Banks then endeavoured to wake Dr.
Сторінка 260 - Banks employed himself in planting a great quantity of the seeds of water-melons, oranges, lemons, limes, and other plants and trees which he had collected at Rio de Janeiro. For these he prepared ground on each, side of the fort, with as many varieties of soil as he could chuse ; and there is little doubt but that they will succeed.
Сторінка 404 - ... part of which was called Point Hicks, in compliment to the first lieutenant. At noon they discovered another point of the same land, rising in a round hillock, extremely like the Ram-Head at the entrance of Plymouth Sound, for which reason Captain Cook gave it the same name.
Сторінка 436 - Early in the morning of the 22nd, the tide left the ship, and they proceeded to examine the leak, when they found that the rocks had cut through four planks into the timbers, and that three other planks were damaged. In these breaches, not a splinter was to be seen, the whole being smooth, as if cut away by an instrument: but the preservation of the vessel was owing to a very singular circumstance.
Сторінка 200 - Horn is reprefented as a very dangerous courfe, and that it is generally thought paffing through the ftreight of Magellan is lefs perilous, the Endeavour doubled it with as little danger as the North Foreland on the Kentifh coaft ; the heavens were fair, the wind temperate, the weather pleafant, and, being near more, they had a very diftincT: view of the coaft.
Сторінка 331 - Before these had reached the ship, another canoe, larger than any that had yet been seen, full of armed Indians, came off, and made towards the Endeavour with great expedition. The captain now judging it expedient to prevent, if...
Сторінка 351 - The last two canoes were finely ornamented with carving, and the people, who appeared to be of higher rank, were armed with various weapons ; they held in high...
Сторінка 431 - Between the inside lining of the ship's bottom and the outside planking, there is a space of about seventeen or eighteen inches. The man who had hitherto taken the depth of water at the well, had taken it no farther than the ceiling ; but being now relieved by another person, who took the depth...
Сторінка 274 - ... to contain their provifions, and generally fit fome yards diftance when they eat, with their backs turned towards each other, not exchanging a fingle word during the whole time of their repaft ; the middle aged of fuperior rank ufually betake themfelves to fleep after dinner, but what is remarkable, the older people are not fo lazy...
Сторінка 192 - One of the black servants became also weary and faint, and was upon the point of following the Doctor's example. Mr Buchan was therefore detached with a party to make a fire at the first commodious spot they could meet with. Mr Banks, with four more, remained with the Doctor and Richmond the black, who...

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