Eight novels employed by English dramatic poets of the reign of Queen Elizabeth

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Printed for the Shakespeare society, 1846 - English fiction - 224 pages
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Page 76 - Where, understanding that his sister was departed, in manner as you have heard conjectured, that the very occasion did proceed of some liking had between Pedro, her man (that was missing with her), and herself. But Silvio, who loved his sister as dearly as his...
Page 1 - I was never able," says Rich, " to climb Parnassus hill, although I have travailed over Gaddes hyll in Kent, and that sundrie tymes and often." 3. " Riche his Farewell to Militarie profession : conteinyng verie pleasaunt discourses fit for a peaceable tyme : gathered together for the onely delight of the courteous Gentlewomen, bothe of Englande and Irelande, for whose onely pleasure thei were collected together, and unto whom thei are directed and dedicated by Barnabe Riche, Gentleman.
Page 76 - Silla, than herself to be made the instrument to work her own mishap, and to play the attorney in a cause that made so much against herself. But Silla, altogether desirous to please her master, cared nothing at all to offend herself, followed his business with so good a will as if it had been in her own preferment.
Page 81 - I leave you to your owne likyng, alwaies willyng you well, and thus will take my leave.
Page 82 - Silvio, as for the maintenaunce of her credite and estimation, she speedily hasted to the pallace of the Duke, to whom she saied as followeth. Sir Duke, it maie bee that you will thinke my commyng to your house in this sorte doeth somethyng passe the limites of modestie, the whiche I protest, before God, proceadeth of this desire, that the worlde should knowe how justly I seke meanes to maintaine my honour.
Page 90 - Constantinople, everyone praising the nobleness of the Duke; but so many as did behold the excellent beauty of Silla gave her the praise above all the rest of the ladies in the troupe. The matter seemed so...
Page 70 - I will here, for brevity's sake, omit to make repetition of the long and dolorous discourse recorded by Silla for this sudden departure of her Apolonius...
Page iv - The COUNCIL of the NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications. For these the responsibility rests entirely with the Editors of the several works.
Page 77 - ... theim : but if the liberalise of my proffer, hath made to seme lesse the value of the thing that I ment to present, it is but in your owne c[on]ceipt, consideryng how many noble men there hath been here before, and be yet at this present, -whiche hath bothe...
Page 89 - I could alledge many reasons to proue my saiynges true, yet I referre my self to the experience and bountie of your minde. And here with all loosing his garmentes doune to his stomacke, and shewed lulina his breastes and pretie teates...