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So you want a revolution? If your foe is an ayatollah, try reading Jane Austen.So exiled writer and scholar Nafisi (English/Johns Hopkins Univ.) instructs in this sparkling memoir of life in post-revolutionary Iran. A modest dissident during the shah's regime, a member of a Marxist study group like so many other Iranian students abroad ("I never fully integrated into the movement. . . . I never ... Read full review

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This book was the worst I have ever read. I barely even understand it.

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I tried to read this book and I even went to a talk given by Ms. Nafisi in Vancouver, Canada in case I had missed something. I lived under those conditions that the characters in her book club had lived, but the book about this "Book Club" is written in isolation from the contemporary Iranian history and the political and social events of those times. It is designed for the North American audience with limited or no clue about what was going on in Iran, so they can say wow Lolita was even read in Tehran! I can imagine many interesting or awkward events that could be fall such a group, but I found none of that in this book. The book is written as if the surrounding society and its people were irrelevant. The long passages of literary criticism and commentary, while earth shattering events are happening in the street were very irritating. The people who would like it would be literary fans of Nabokov as it has nothing to do with real lot of women and people in Iran of those times. The title should have been "READING LOLITA" in large font and in a very small print "in Tehran" should be used as a sub-title. 

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This book was a required read for a college class group...I enjoyed this book and would reread it now.

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