Ballou's Dollar Monthly Magazine, Volume 3

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Elliott, Thomes & Talbot., 1856
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Page 444 - Avarice is rarely the vice of a young man : it is rarely the vice of a great man ; but Marlborough was one of the few who have, in the bloom of youth, loved lucre more than wine or women, and who have, at the height of greatness, loved lucre more than power or fame.
Page 299 - ever lived to a great age, and fewer -still ever became distinguished, who were not in the habit of early rising. You rise late, and, of course, commence your business at a late hour, and everything goes wrong all day. Franklin says, that he who rises late, may trot all day, and not overtake his business at night.
Page 497 - Lord Nelson was a remarkably kind-hearted man. I have seen him spin a teetotum with his one hand, a whole evening, for the amusement of some children. I heard him once during dinner utter many bitter complaints (which Lady Hamilton vainly attempted to check) of the way he had been treated at court that
Page 399 - vessel. The earth was then moistened with rain water, and a willow tree, weighing five pounds, was placed therein. During five years the earth was watered with rain or pure water ; the willow grew and flourished, and to prevent the earth being mixed with fresh earth or dust
Page 440 - would not have survived his own generation, and he would have done little for the religious improvement of mankind. The prison doors were shut upon him for twelve years. Being cut off from the external world, he communed with his own soul, and inspired by Him who touched Isaiah's lips with
Page 388 - have made 14,600 human beings happy,* at all events for a time. Now, worthy reader, is this not simple ? It is too short for a sermon, too homely for ethics, and too easily accomplished for you to say, " I would if I
Page 155 - have appeared to me like seven years. My mind was so excited, and my imagination so lively and active, that more ideas passed through my mind during those seven weeks than in any seven years of my life. Whatever I had obtained from reading or reflection was present to me."
Page 93 - expensive article, where a much cheaper one would serve the purpose better. I ordered half-a-dozen pounds of both sorts, but took the precaution of changing the papers on which the prices were marked before giving them into the hands of Betty. " Well, Betty which soap do you find washes best?"
Page 555 - Lord Seaforth, who was born deaf and dumb, was to dine one day with Lord Melville. Just before the time of the company's arrival, Lady Melville sent into the drawing-room a lady of her acquaintance, who could talk with her fingers to dumb people, that she might receive Lord Seaforth. Presently Lord
Page 256 - sword, and inflicts a wound. Suppose, instead of binding up the wound, I am showing it to everybody, and after it has been bound up I am taking off the bandage continually and examining the depth of the wound, and make it fester till my limb becomes greatly inflamed, and my general health is materially

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