Data Collection and Analysis

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Roger Sapsford, Victor Jupp
SAGE, Mar 29, 2006 - Social Science - 332 pages
In simple and non-technical terms, the Second Edition of Data Collection and Analysis illustrates a wide range of techniques and approaches used in social research projects. Always accessible and engaging, this comprehensive text covers both quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection and analysis in social research, considering both the structure and logic of research projects and the ethics and politics of research.

A wide range of examples illustrate the text and a set of exercises runs throughout the book to aid the reader in understanding and planning research projects.

Building on the strengths of the First Edition, this new and expanded version includes:

- The addition of chapter introductions, summaries and key terms to guide the reader through the text

- Three brand new chapters focusing on: research and information on the Net; discourse research; ethnographic and discursive qualitative analysis

- Up-to-date examples of research in action

- New material on questionnaire design, composite measurement and techniques of quantitative and qualitative interviewing

An invaluable guide for students from across the social sciences, this wide-ranging volume is also a key resource for practitioners in a variety of applied areas including nursing, social work, the criminal justice system, teaching and education.


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the Logic of Design
Selecting a Sample
Estimation of Population Parameters
Relationships and Roles
Recording Observations
Assessing the Validity of Observations
Twoway Distributions
Introducing a Third Variable
Further Reading
Multivariate Statistics
Analysis of Unstructured Data
Reflexivity and the Assessment of Validity
Discursive Structures

Further Reading
Research and Information on the Net
Questionnaires on the Net
Further Reading
Some Initial Distinctions
Getting the Data into Shape for Analysis
Data Manipulation During Analysis
Further Reading
Documents and Critical Research
Politics and Research
Politics Ideology and Research Style
Further Reading

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About the author (2006)

Roger Sapsford is Reader in Social Research at the University of Teesside.

Victor Jupp is Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Social Research in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Northumbria University


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