The pentameron, (ed. [really written] by D. Grigi) and Pentalogia (or; Five dramatic scenes) [in verse, by W.S. Landor].

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Page 11 - Modicum, et non videbitis me, Et iterum, Sorelle mie dilette, Modicum, et vos videbitis me.
Page 42 - Quella lettura, e scolorocci il viso : Ma solo un punto fu quel che ci vinse. Quando leggemmo il disiato riso Esser baciato da cotanto amante, Questi, che mai da me non fia diviso, La bocca mi baciò tutto tremante. Galeotto fu il libro, e chi lo scrisse : Quel giorno più non vi leggemmo avante.
Page 300 - Posilipo, soft as the feathers in the wings of Sleep. I emerged on Baia ; I crossed her innumerable arches ; I loitered in the breezy sunshine of her mole ; I trusted the faithful seclusion of her caverns, the keepers of so many secrets ; and I reposed on the buoyancy of her tepid sea. Then Naples and her theatres and her churches, and...
Page 321 - Genius of Death. Breathless as I was at beholding him, I soon became familiar with his features. First they seemed only calm ; presently they grew contemplative; and lastly beautiful: those of the Graces themselves are less regular, less harmonious, less composed. Love glanced at him...
Page 92 - Qual lodoletta che in aere si spazia Prima cantando, e poi tace contenta Dell...
Page 253 - ... voluntarily be under his manifold rows of dentals. He has an incisor to every saint in the calendar. I should fare, methinks, like Brutus and the Archbishop. He is forced to stretch himself, out of sheer listlessness, in so idle a place as Purgatory : he loses half his strength in Paradise : Hell alone makes him alert and lively : there he moves about and threatens as tremendously as the serpent that opposed the legions on their march in Africa.
Page 43 - Galeotto is the name of the book,' fancying by this timorous little flight she has drawn him far enough from the nest of her young loves. No, the eagle beak of Dante and his piercing eyes are yet over her. ' Galeotto is the name of the book.
Page 42 - Questi chi mai da me non fia diviso ! Are we not impelled to join in her prayer, wishing them happier in their union ? Petrarca. If there be no sin in it. Boccaccio. Ay, and even if there be ... God help us ! What a sweet aspiration in each cesura of the verse ! three love-sighs...
Page 162 - Quegli ch' usurpa in terra il luogo mio, II luogo mio, il luogo mio che vaca Nella presenza del Figliuol di Dio, Fatto ha del cimiterio mio cloaca Del sangue e della puzza, onde 'l perverso Che cadde di quassù laggiù si placa'. Di quel color che per lo sole avverso Nube dipinge da sera e da mane, Vid...
Page 322 - Love pouted, and rumpled and bent down with his forefinger the stiff short feathers on his arrow-head, but replied not. Although he frowned worse than ever, and at me, I dreaded him less and less, and scarcely looked toward him. The milder and calmer genius, the third, in proportion as I took courage to contemplate him, regarded me with more and more complacency. He held...

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