Gypsy Breynton

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Dodd, Mead, 1894 - American fiction - 262 pages
High-spirited Jemima "Gypsy" Breynton keeps life interesting for her family and teacher.

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Page 180 - Ripton! " said Gypsy, again; " Oh, dear me! " " And going to camp out and have a fire, and cook our trout, and shoot our rabbits," said Tom, with an aggravating appearance of indifference, as if these were only a specimen of innumerable delights unmentioned. " Oh, dear me I " said Gypsy, with a long sigh. " There are several disadvantages in being a girl, my dear, as you will find out occasionally,
Page 51 - ... Sowing and Reaping (1866), and Gypsy's year at the Golden Crescent (1867). The heroine of the series is a lively 12-year-old, adventurous and devoid of stereotypically feminine characteristics. 'There was not a trout-brook for miles she had not fished. There was hardly a tree she had not climbed . . . Gypsy could row and skate and swim, and play ball and make kites, and coast and race and drive and chop wood.
Page 193 - ... a place within or without the tents. To begin with, the little girls had each a bag of such things as were likely to be necessary for their mountain toilet, consisting principally of dry stockings ; for, as Gypsy said, they expected to wet their feet three or four times a day, and she should enjoy it for once. Then they had brought their long water-proof cloaks, in which they considered themselves wife from a deluge.
Page 19 - Gypsy climbed out of the window without the slightest hesitation, and walked along the ridge-pole with the ease and fearlessness of a boy. She had on a pretty blue delaine dress, which was wet and torn, and all stuck together with burs ; her boots were covered with mud to the ankle ; her white stockings spattered and brown ; her turban was hanging round her neck by its elastic ; her net had...
Page 121 - ... the only fault to be found with it was that it was signed for too much.
Page 194 - Mrs. Breynton would not consent to letting her silver ones go, — and Gypsy thought the others were better, because it seemed more like " being wild." Indeed, she would have dispensed with spoons altogether, but Sarah gave a little scream at the idea, and thought she couldn't possibly eat a meal without. Then the provision basket was full of bread and butter and...
Page 240 - He led her upstairs, and she fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.
Page 49 - Summer and winter, seed-time and harvest, found Gypsy out in the open air, as many hours out of the twenty-four as were not absolutely bolted and barred dowu into the school-room and dreamland.
Page 49 - But Gypsy's name had undoubtedly been foreordained, so perfectly was» it suited to Gypsy. For never a wild rover led a more untamed and happy life.
Page 181 - This last remark was a stroke of policy on Gypsy's part, for Tom had come in, and it touched a bit of boy's pride, of which Gypsy was perfectly aware he had a good deal. " As if I couldn't take as good rare of you as Guy Hallam, or the next man ! " he said, in an insulted tone. "Then Tom is willing you should go,

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