Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution: With an Historical Essay, Volume 2

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Little, Brown, 1864 - American loyalists
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Page 113 - ... mildness and wisdom of its general system of laws. I knew that, under this excellent government, life, property, reputation, civil and religious liberty, are happily protected ; and that the general character and virtue of its inhabitants, take their complexion from the nature of their constitution and laws. On leaving my native country, there was not, therefore, any land on which I could cast my eyes with so much pleasure; nor is there any which could have afforded me so much real satisfaction...
Page 145 - Nathan Palmer, a lieutenant in your King's service, was taken in my camp as a Spy — he was tried as a Spy — he was condemned as a Spy — and you may rest assured, Sir, he shall be hanged as a Spy." " I have the honour to be, &c. "ISRAEL PUTNAM. rt His Excellency Governor TRYON.
Page 106 - He lingered there, till duty called him away ; but he was careful to intrust his secret to a confidential friend, whose letters kept him informed of every important event. In a few months intelligence came, that a rival was in the field, and that the consequences could not be answered for, if he delayed to renew his visits to New York.
Page 30 - Hall may ever be sacred to the interests of Truth, of Justice, of Loyalty, of Honor, of Liberty. May no private views nor party broils ever enter within these walls...
Page 234 - ... on half-pay from the crown, he thought proper not to accept it ; that he had fought two battles in Algiers under the Dey ; that he was now on a design to take care of some large grants of land made to him ; that he was going to visit his sister at Moor's Town, and then to return by Merrimac River to visit his wife, whom he had not yet seen since his return from England ; that he had got a pass, or license to travel, from the Continental Congress...
Page 443 - God in whose hands are all events, speedily restore peace and liberty to my unhappy country. May Great Britain and America be soon united in the bonds of everlasting unity, and when united, may they continue a free, a virtuous and happy nation to the end of time. I leave America, and every endearing connection, because I will not raise my hand against my sovereign.
Page 563 - Vol. II., p. 580.—" Sproule, Andrew. New York. At the peace, he went from New York to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, where the Crown granted him one town lot. He was twenty-eight years of age, and unmarried." JJ ELDER INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA STEWART ELDER — Information is requested as to the name of the wife and descendants of Stewart Elder (son of John Elder, by his wife, Jane Stewart), who emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1820 from Roughan, within eight miles...
Page 124 - That each colony have a governor and council appointed by the crown, and a house of representatives to be elected by the freeholders...
Page 26 - are vanished in smoke. We were taught to believe this place was not barren and foggy as had been represented, but we find it ten times worse. We have nothing but his Majesty's rotten pork and unbaked flour to subsist on. ... It is the most inhospitable clime that ever mortal set foot on.
Page 442 - I love, and in which is contained every thing that is valuable and dear to me, — my wife, my children, my friends, and property, permit me to make a short and faithful declaration, which I am induced to do, neither through fear, nor a consciousness of having voted wrong.

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