Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, Volume 14

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The Society, 1903 - Geology
Vols. 1-44 include Proceedings of the annual meeting, 1889-1933, later published separately.

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Page 506 - He was one of the founders and the first president of the Ethnological Society of America : and from 1843 to his death he was president of the New York Historical Society.
Page 11 - Vanuxem, of the third district, was commissioned to open communication with other geologists, specially with President Hitchcock, with reference to carrying this project into effect. The undertaking was not immediately successful, and at a meeting held in the autumn of 1839 the purpose of the geological board was reiterated. This meeting was also held at Doctor Emmons' house, the four geologists and the paleontologist being present, and also Ebenezer Emmons, Jr., who still survives.
Page 541 - Callipteridium, and the extreme rarity of the types of later facies, it appears that the beds below the Lower Washington limestone cannot yet be regarded as conclusively referable to the Rothliegende, though they contain a flora which is certainly transitional. The re-enforcement of this flora at the levels of the Washington and Dunkard coals by the more important...
Page 546 - Game, having had under consideration the bill (S. 5518) to provide for the establishment of a national forest reserve in the Southern Appalachian Mountain region, reports the bill with the recommendation that it do pass and submits the following report: SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN REGION.
Page 349 - limestone or dolomite composed of broken or worn fragments of coral or shells or of limestone fragments, the interstices filled with calcite, sand, or mud, and with a calcareous cement.
Page 11 - It would tend to make known our scientific men to each other personally, give them more confidence in each other, and cause them to concentrate their observations on those questions that are of interest either in a scientific or economical point of view. More questions may be satisfactorily settled in a day by oral discussion in such a body than in a ye.ar by writing and publication.
Page 392 - In the second place, the hydrogens (1) and (3), (2) and (4), (3) and (5), (4) and (6), (5) and (1), and (6) and (2) bear to each other the same relation, but a different relation from that which the above pairs do. Replacing any such pair, we should have a second compound, which is represented by the general formula .yHX I ! TLC.
Page 11 - Emmons' house, the four geologists and the paleontologist being present, and also Ebenezer Emmons, Jr., who still survives. As a result of the second undertaking on the part of the New York geologists a meeting was called in Philadelphia for April, 1840, where and when the organization of the Association of American Geologists was carried into effect.
Page 132 - I. The interior and Yukon plateaus of British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska have been previously recognized as uplifted peneplains, and in the Copper River region the summits of the high mountains have been described as upraised base-level surfaces. It now appears that the uniform summits which are found over the greater portion of the Pacific Mountain system in the north are also representative of elevated peneplains which have suffered deep dissection. " II. The peneplains of the different portions...
Page 12 - Mather's language just quoted speaks of 'a meeting of the geologists and other scientific men of our country', thus showing what were his aspirations, and they were shared by all of us who had anything to do with that first meeting. But we knew that only a short time previous the American academy of arts and sciences at Boston had directed a request to the American philosophical society as the oldest of the kind in the country, that it would invite the scientific men of the land to such a meeting...

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