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Star Wars - The Middle Episodes
This second installment, written one year after the opening saga, introduces us to a score of memorable characters, who as to be expected in an Asimov universe
, alter the course of history. Well, one might say they do or one might say that no, they simply help implement that which was already going to occur anyway. Regardless of how you split the existential question, what remains is a wonderful tale of heroic behavior, plot twists & motivation to jump as quickly as possible into the final chapter of this trilogy.  

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Great science fiction novel.

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The usual suspects

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Reviewed March 1998
Unlike "Foundation" this book gives you real characters you can follow throughout. And finally you are given your first woman character who acts on her own with power (or does
she?). The character of the Mule is predictable and I guessed his identity immediately, his reasons are textbook. The Sheldon Plan has been waylayed because of the Mule and only a few can see it. I enjoy that it isn't the responsibility of the characters to get it back on track but to understand what is happening and why.

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