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Page 217 - TERMS OF THE MILITARY CONVENTION for the capitulation of the Spanish forces occupying the territory which constitutes the Division of Santiago de Cuba, and described as follows : All that portion of the Island of Cuba east of a line passing through Aserradero, Dos Palmas, Cauto Abajo, Escondida, Tanamo, and Aguilera, said troops being in command of General Jose...
Page 280 - ... honorable burial to the dead of the vanquished, have cured their wounded with great humanity, have respected and cared for your prisoners and their comfort ; and, lastly, to us whose condition was terrible you have given freely of food, of your stock of medicines, and you have honored us with distinction and courtesy ; for after the fighting the two armies mingled with the utmost harmony. With this high sentiment of appreciation from us all there remains but to express our farewell, and with...
Page 414 - ... about fecal matter and filth of all kinds deposited upon the ground or in shallow pits and directly convey infectious material, attached to their feet or contained in their excreta, to the food which is exposed while being prepared at the company kitchens or while being served in the mess tent. 413 It is for this reason that a strict sanitary police is so important.
Page 227 - Terrible fight yesterday, but my line is now strongly entrenched about three-quarters mile from town. I urge that you make effort immediately to force the entrance, to avoid future losses among my men, which are already very heavy. You can now operate with less loss of life than I can.
Page 229 - ... ships if we attempted to enter the harbor, and by the sinking of a ship the object of the attempt to enter the harbor would be defeated by the preventing of further progress on our part. It was my hope that an attack on your part of these shore batteries, from the rear, would leave us at liberty to drag the channel for torpedoes.
Page 1 - We watch with deep and abiding interest the heroic battle of the Cuban patriots against cruelty and oppression, and our best hopes go out for the full success of their determined contest for liberty. The government of Spain, having lost control of Cuba, and being unable to protect the property or lives of resident American citizens or to comply with its treaty obligations, we believe that the Government of the United States should actively use its Influence and good offices to restore peace and give...
Page 53 - The general was so taken with this plan, however, that he referred to it again in a third letter, which read thus: " HEADQUARTERS OF THE ARMY, "WASHINGTON, DC, June 24, 1898. " The honorable the Secretary of War.
Page 174 - We have the town well Invested on the north and east, but with a very thin line. Upon approaching it we find It of such a character and the defenses so strong, It will be Impossible to carry it by storm -with my present force, and I am seriously considering withdrawing about five miles and taking up a new position...
Page 212 - ... encountered. A portion of the army has been infected with yellow fever, and efforts will be made to separate those who are infected and those free from it, and to keep those which are still on board ship separated from those on shore.
Page 198 - With the largely increased forces which have come to me, and the fact that I have your line of retreat securely in my hands, the time seems fitting that I should again demand of your excellency the surrender of Santiago and of your excellency's army. I am authorized to state that should your excellency so desire the government of the United States will transport the entire command of your excellency to Spain.

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