A Forbidden Land: Voyages to the Corea

S. Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington, 1880 - 349 ページ
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Very interesting adventure of Jewish-German. I could read feature of Korea before russo-japon war. Korea had 3 classes, top-caucasoid, 2nd-Manturian, 3rd-Mongolian. It was my surprise to know the caucasoid was the top ruler of Korea. Most interesting was pronunciation and hungle letter did not match from that time, people did not use hungle. Varied pronunciation proves Korea was human mixture peninsula with lot of barbarian natives who did not speak Korean. Ollun-to was native island, it was not Korean property. Korean people did not know about thier route at all. I like to introduce to youtube because this book reveals the truth of Korea before 1903. From 1904 to 1905 there was russo-japon war, many Korean escaped to N.Y. and 1910 Japan started to rule whole Korea as one new nation.
Japanese was genius to join people together, as those single name of Korea were of mixed races mixed languages mixed hatred to other tribes each other most dangerous nation in the world. It suggests why the reconciliation cannot go well. It never goes well, because originally they were different 13 tribes of hatred people with different provinces, it is similar to valcan peninsula. Writer himself was put into prizon after Korean attacks, it was real adventure.

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