Our edible toadstools and mushrooms and how to distinguish them: a selection of thirty native food varieties easily recognizable by their marked individualities : with simple rules for the identification of poisonous species

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Harper & Brothers, 1899 - Nature - 337 pages
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Page 324 - By MC Cooke, MA, LL.D. Edited by the Rev. MJ Berkeley, MA, FLS With numerous Illustrations.
Page 324 - FUNGI. OUTLINES OF BRITISH FUNGOLOGY, containing Characters of above a Thousand Species of Fungi, and a Complete List of all that have been described as Natives of the British Isles. By the Rev. MJ BERKELEY, MA, FLS Demy 8vo, 484 pp., 24 Coloured Plates, 30*. Although entitled simply 'Outlines...
Page 298 - ... our way; the sweet nutty-flavoured Boletus, in vain calling himself edulis where there was none to believe him ; the dainty Orcella ; the Ag.
Page 324 - British Fungi: with Descriptions of the Esculent and Poisonous Species, Details of the Principles of Scientific Classification, and a Tabular Arrangement of Orders and Genera. By MC Cooke, MA, LL.D. With twenty-four colored plates. R. Hardwick, Piccadilly, London, 1871. An excellent, inexpensive, and popular hand-book.
Page 34 - ... It is well to be cautious about deciding on the quality of wild mushrooms, by following any published "rules" for their selection. Gibson, one of the authorities on mushrooms, says, "Avoid every mushroom having a cup or suggestion of such at the base; the distinctly fatal poisons are thus excluded ; exclude those having an unpleasant odor, a peppery, bitter or other unpalatable flavor, or tough consistency; exclude those infested with worms or in advanced age or decay.
Page 107 - The manure arising from the dead fungi of the former years makes the grass peculiarly vigorous round, so as to render the circle visible even when there is no external appearance of the fungus, and the contrast is often the stronger from that behind being killed by the old spawn. This mode of growth is far more common than is supposed, and may be observed constantly in our woods where the spawn can spread only in the soil, or amongst the leaves and decaying fragments which cover it."* * " Outlines...
Page 339 - STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES STANFORD AUXILIARY LIBRARY STANFORD, CALIFORNIA 94305-6004 (650) 723-9201 salcirc@suimail.stanford.edu All books are subject to recall. DATE DUE...
Page 311 - MUSHROOMS WITH BACON. Take some full-grown mushrooms, and having cleaned them, procure a few rashers of nice streaky bacon, and fry it in the usual manner. When nearly done, add a dozen or so of mushrooms, and fry them slowly until they are cooked. In this process they will absorb all the fat of the bacon, and with the addition of a little salt and pepper, will form a most appetizing breakfast relish.
Page 311 - Place a bell-glass, or inverted basin, over the whole ; bake twenty minutes, and serve up without *. removing the glass until it comes to the table, so as to preserve the heat and the aroma, which, on lifting the cover, will be diffused through the room.
Page 63 - MY DEAR SIR, — In compliance with your request, I take pleasure in submitting to...

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