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This book is about daughter and wife of Pharaoh Atothis of Egypt. The Queen was chosen for initiation in Pyramid for redemption of fallen Eve. However she fell. her personality was born as a maid - where she learnt the lesson of failing in Divine task, reborn as Elizabeth Haick when she was reminded the past and of the future - she came in India as Mother of Pondicherry and in soul form trying to come up to the Divine Assignment
In second birth a daughter was born to her, who in her next birth was born as Anna of famous Anna's Book
Pharaoh Atothis was born as Ram Krishna of Bengal and is now in me as personality and on spirit plane as person doing his Divine work
Pharaoh and Queen had saved a child from a ship wreck who later became Aurobindo who brought her to India after Hitler wanted her to leave
This book is a Secret of Change! Obama is a Bum who knows nothing about Cahnge

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