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It is a pity that the first three reviews (if they can be called that) are all destructive and have been written by someone who is computer illiterate (warmtoffee) and two persons who are terminally moronic (Sandra & Bethany) as none of their complaints are accurate. Sandra’s complaint that the volume contains only 798 pages instead of 1,759 can by explained to anyone with an IQ of over 60, by looking at he title page, which quite clearly states “In Two Parts – Part One.” The second volume contains the rest of the pages. Who would have thought it?
Bethany’s complaint is also stupid and exaggerated. There are no blank pages to be found in Volume 1. There are some ten pages (220, 546, 638, 642, 646, 649, 652, 674, 702, and 742) throughout the volume that have been mis-scanned, of which about half are completely illegible. This is hard luck for the persons researching those particular families, but it hardly makes the book “completely useless”. If Google were to get someone to check these scans before putting them on the net and correct these errors, it would save itself the bad press received from the moron element. I haven’t yet checked the scans on Volume 2, but in general, Volume 1 deserves a three out of five. With rescans of the missing pages, this would be five out of five.

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