Where the Atlantic Meets the Land

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John Lane, 1896 - 268 pages
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Page 288 - DAVIDSON (JOHN). PLAYS : An Unhistorical Pastoral ; A Romantic Farce ; Bruce, a Chronicle Play ; Smith, a Tragic Farce ; Scaramouch in Naxos, a Pantomime, with a Frontispiece and Cover Design by AUBREY BEARDSLEY.
Page 297 - CH SHANNON. HERO AND LEANDER. By CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE and GEORGE CHAPMAN. With Borders, Initials, and Illustrations designed and engraved on the wood by CS RICKETTS and CH SHANNON. Bound in English vellum and gold. 200 copies only.
Page 289 - GREENE (GA). ITALIAN LYRISTS OF TO-DAY. Translations in the original metres from about thirty-five living Italian poets, with bibliographical and biographical notes. Crown 8vo.
Page 289 - English vellum. Ģi, is. net. New York : GP Putnam's Sons. GARNETT (RICHARD). POEMS. With Title-page by J. ILLINGWORTH KAY. 350 copies. Crown 8vo.
Page 300 - THE PURPLE EAST : A Series of Sonnets on England's. Desertion of Armenia. With a Frontispiece by GF WATTS, RA Fcap. 8vo, wrappers, is.
Page 299 - Wrapper, is. net. TYNAN HINKSON (KATHARINE). CUCKOO SONGS. With Title-page and Cover Design by LAURENCE HOUSMAN. Fcap. 8vo. 55. net. Boston : Copeland & Day.
Page 277 - A remarkable and powerful story. It increases pur respect for Mr. Allen's ability, nor do we feel inclined to join in throwing stones at him as a perverter of our morals and our social institutions. However widely we may differ from Mr. Allen's views on many important questions, we are bound to recognise his sincerity, and to respect him accordingly.
Page 276 - The story of the child, of the girl, and of the woman is told, and told by one to whom the mysteries of the life of each are familiarly known, In their very truth, as the writer has so subtly analysed her triple characters, they sadden one to think that such things must be ; yet as they are real, they are bound to be disclosed by somebody, and in due time.'— Boston Courier^ USA Eighteenth Edition just ready.
Page 295 - O'SHAUGHNESSY (ARTHUR). His LIFE AND His WORK. With Selections from his Poems. By LOUISE CHANDLER MOULTON. Portrait and Cover Design. Fcap.
Page 275 - They are horror stories, the horror being of the vague psychologic kind and dependent in each case upon a man of science, who tries to effect a change in individual personality by an operation upon the brain cells. The implied lesson is that it is dangerous and unwise to seek to probe the mystery separating mind and matter. These sketches are extremely strong, and we guarantee the shivers to anyone who reads them.

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